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A Winning Combination


I just signed up for a three month program at my gym that will focus on preparing me for a half marathon! Although I think I could do this on my own, I’m really excited to get out there with others who have the same goal. For me it isn’t even about “socializing” just their presence is motivating. It totally brings out the competitor in me. The program starts next month and is going to keep me busy for two nights (and one morning). So that dinners don’t become neglected, I’m going to have to really plan to have good “leftover” meals or crockpot meals. Some people hate leftovers but for me it is all about how much I really liked the dish the first time around. Hint: I really loved this dish the first time around…

Cajun Chicken Pasta! Normally, when pasta and creamy sauces are put together you get one heck of a calorie laden meal. Not with this recipe! A whole 11/2 cups of this pasta comes in at only 328 calories. Not bad! Also, I just love all the veggies packed into it!


I think the chicken is hiding in my pictures but don’t worry, there was just the right amount in each dish.

I followed the suggested recipe, however I added just a pinch of ground red pepper at the end just to make it a little more spicy! It was even a great leftovers meal for the next day which was great for today because my kids had a ton of homework and I needed to help them and not be busy cooking.

So do you have any favorite healthy leftover meals or crockpot meals? I’d love to hear about them!
The recipe for this yummy dish can be found at Skinnytaste.com.

Twice Baked Cauliflower


Sometimes people think of cauliflower as a replacement for potatoes or pasta in dishes. Although that is true, I think the cauliflower in this dish is no alternative or second option. I think it is the highlight of what makes this dish. So. Darn. Good.



Twice Baked Cauliflower Continue for Recipe!

Who Said Leftovers Are Lame?


You know it is a crazy day when your leftovers outshine their original dish! I’d love to here what you think about this one. Remember the Crockpot Chicken I made? Well I saved the leftover chicken and beans and veggies to use later on, and it came together perfectly. My husband had been asking me to make the Taco Rolls I had made a while back. Although the recipe is pretty different, I thought it would still hit the spot.


Zesty Chicken Rolls!

This meal and the Crockpot Chicken would be perfect meals for a busy weeknight. With our kids’ super busy schedule, I love having meals like this on hand.

Here is what you need:
leftovers from Crockpot Chicken (or see original recipe for ingredients)
egg roll wrappers
Misto or cooking spray
Cheese, salsa, sour cream (optional)

For some of my rolls I used both bean/veggie mix and chicken, for others I used chicken and cheese.



1. Lay out individual wrappers. Fill with leftovers. Moisten edges of wrapper with water, fold into roll.
2. Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray. Place folded rolls on tray. Spray top of rolls so the will get a golden brown.
3. Bake at 425 for 10-15 minutes either on an elevated rack or flipping halfway through to ensure both side get crispy.
4. Optional: top with cheese an bake for a couple minutes or until cheese melts.
5. Top or serve with sour cream and salsa.