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Oh My Omegas!


Today I wanted to share with you a few fancy yet simple meal ideas! This is a meal that could be made any day of the week, but fancy enough for guests!!

Pecan Crusted Salmon!

Years ago my friend sent me this recipe. I’m not sure this is exactly how she made it (I’m sorta going by memory) but this is where it is at today!

This is what you will need:

Salmon (I used skinless)

your favorite mustard (I used a sweet and spicy)

pecan pieces

Preheat oven to 400

Coat fish with mustard. If using a Dijon you may want to mix in some honey. I was going to with my fish but since it was already sweetened I opted out. Also disregard salt and pepper from picture. I didn’t use it since mustard was so flavored.

Top mustard with pecans.

Bake at 400 for around 10 minutes.

Need an idea for a side dish? How about this??

Italian Mushrooms

If you follow my blog, you know just how much I love mushrooms! I saw this particular recipe on Pinterest and just had to try it out!

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly as it was posted. Instead I used what I had on hand which is as follows.

mushrooms (I used button and baby portabellos)

fresh flat leaf parsley

rosemary (it survived the winter in my backyard!!)

salt and pepper (for real this time)

1/2 tsp balsamic vinegar (original recipe calls for more but I didn’t have 2 pounds of mushrooms so I cut back)

olive oil

Preheat oven to 350

Remove stem and chop caps into large pieces. Drizzle olive oil over mushrooms until lightly coated. Chop parsley and rosemary and add to mushrooms along with salt and pepper, mix well.

Cook mushrooms in casserole dish for roughly 30-40 minutes.

Remove from heat and drizzle mushrooms with balsalmic vinegar. Serve!

Recipe adapated from Italian Food Forever.


There is Pumpkin in This?


So where I originally learned about this combination of pumpkin and cake mix, I really cannot recall. But I can tell you, it has never failed me in making a dense, moist chocolate cake!

An Awesome Duo!

An Awesome Duo!!

Although I’ve made this cake several times before, I’ve typically just topped it off with a little whipped creme. Thanks to Pinterest however, I’ve had inspiration to make two other varieties!

Isn’t she so pretty!! What is even better? She has so much fewer calories and fat than a traditional cupcake! Probably a lot less sugar too but that is just my guess.

How do you make this lovely little lady? So simple!!

1. Combine 15 oz of pumpkin with one box of chocolate cake mix. There doesn’t have to be a specific type, I do like the devils food though! When mixing, the best was is really with an electric mixer. There is no need to add anything else!

2. Use cupcake holders and bake in a preheated oven at 350 for about 25 minutes. When filling cupcake holders try to smooth out batter as much as possible because they pretty much hold their original shape throughout baking.

Cupcakes are done!

As for the frosting?

You do not need two containers of whipped topping. Somehow two of mine were open so I had to combine them. I saw this recipe on 366 Days of Pinterest. I really like Kirsten’s blog because she tries all kinds of ideas she finds on Pinterest and then tells how they turn out. Sometimes they are failures, but this was a hit for her and obviously a hit for me! Speaking about Pinterest, you know what makes me crazy? The ideas that I pin where they don’t have links to tell you how to do whatever you’ve pinned, like recipes or hair styles. WHY????!!!!! Do you think they know they are doing that? Does anyone else get frustrated with that??

Fortunately the instructions were available for this frosting!

What you will do is combine one packet of the pudding mix with half of the milk called for on the package. Whisk together. Next fold in a container of cool whip.

Kirsten from 366 Days of Pinterest said that she found the instructions for this frosting here. I believe this frosting will be used in other ways in the near future!

So what else did I do with that cake mix combo?

Well first I baked this cake following the cupcake cooking directions. I sprayed the pan with cooking spray this time. I allowed the cake to cool overnight.

The next day I got these ingredients out.

A couple of things to note. When washing strawberries, give them time to really dry. When cutting the cake cut it in larger chunks or else they will fall apart on the skewer. And when skewering marshmallows they go on easier when they follow a strawberry!

So after skewering marshmallows, strawberries and cake (carefully), I drizzled them with the melted chocolate. I made these for a party and everyone loved them!

Recipe was adapted from hugs and giggles.

I’m Back!


Friends! I’ve missed you so much!! Sorry for my temporary hiatus. I had the worst day ever and it shut me down for a week.

Do you every wake up in the morning and within the first 10 minutes, you sort of know how your day is going to go? Well that happened to me last week. It started out with minor little things going wrong. Then I dropped and broke my hand mixer. My friend Zoya told me “Ginger, those things cost like $10.00.” But do you know, I break like EVERYTHING?!?! No really, everything. I think I’ve broken every glass I’ve owned. My parents tell me I really should just get plastic from now on. Of course they get a big eye roll from me. I love glass! It just doesn’t love me. So our relationship is normally short term. So of course it makes sense that I have started a collection of glass cake stands huh?? It isn’t just glass though, I seem to have the same problem with water, er or wine breaking electronic things…

Well breaking my mixer was quickly followed by breaking my laptop. Ok it may not have been entirely my fault. Somehow my computer got a virus. A really bad virus. Bummer dude!! It took all week to get that sorted out! The good news is, I got my computer fixed and got my husband to agree to purchasing an iPad 2! I plan on using it to blog on, once I can figure it out a bit better. So if you get weird posts from me, that is just Ginger trying to figure out the iPad! Let me know if you have any pointers or advice with that thing.

One thing I’m fortunate for, is that I didn’t lose all of my pictures! I had made some new recipes and I really wanted to share them with you! The recipe I’m sharing with you today is from Confections of a Foodie Bride and can be found here.

Mongolian Beef Take Out Fake Out!!

I’m telling you, the recipe is so simple to follow. I also have to say, this is one of the best dishes ever!! I even bought more steak so that I can make it again this week. This time around however, I will be adding some veggies!! I just served mine over a bit of brown rice the first time around. Again if you want the complete recipe for this, since I followed the recipe step by step, you can find it here.

It feels good to be back!!

Best Day!


This weekend we had amazing weather! The sun was shining (finally!) and it was really warm! This was a perfect opportunity to get the girls out to play! I also snapped some update photos of the coop.


Not too shabby huh? We had an electrician come out to give us a quote on what it would take to run electricity out to their coop as well as the detached garage. That will hopefully get done very soon!

I  can’t believe how relaxing it is just to sit outside with and watch these little girls fight over bugs and worms. We spent the entire day outside getting an early start on weeding flower beds and the garden.

For a quick-lunch break, I wanted to have something fresh and simple tasting. I had been planning on trying out a recipe from Iowa Girl Eats and this was the perfect opportunity!

Cantaloupe with Prosciutto and Cashews! No nose wrinkling! You have to try this before you can knock it.

I will be honest, if I try a recipe and I don’t love it, I don’t post it. I don’t want you to waste any more time or money into a recipe that doesn’t do it for me. So this recipe, as weird as the combo may seem was great. Actually, I am planning on making it this summer for cookouts. The prosciutto is totally on top because I was afraid the cantaloupe would soften its crispness. My presentation isn’t perfect, I was too focused on wanting to get this made and get back outside!

So Iowa Girl Eats, has a super pretty picture of this same recipe. The only difference is that her Prosciutto doesn’t look like it was fried like mine. Oh and she has a fancy melon baller. How do I not have one of these??? Fairy Godmother, I would like a melon baller…and a Vita Mixer stat!

Hot and Cold


I heart having friends who like talking about recipes just like I do! A while ago, Auntie M. was telling me about this recipe she had for Baked Buffalo Wings.  She liked the cooking method because she said they got nice and crispy on the outside just like they would had they been fried. My husband and I love wings so when I went to Sam’s Club I was sure to pick up a big pack of them so we could give it a try!

Look pretty darn good to me? What do you think??? Guess what? They tasted PERFECT!

Sometimes I think going out can be a roll of the dice when it comes to wings. At times they can be super skimpy on actual meat and don’t even get me started on the time I ordered chicken that was totally undercooked!! Now that we live more on the country side of town, it can take a good 20 minutes to get to a nearest wing joint. This recipe just made the chicken wings from home so much better!

Want to know my secret weapon?

Hello Frank's!

Notice that this is Frank’s Buffalo Sauce and not the original stuff.

Ok, so I super modified my wings from the original recipe. Not because the original doesn’t look good, but because what I had on hand was a little different. First off I had this huge bottle of Buffalo Sauce, so I didn’t want to spend the time making some from scratch (I know you’re shocked). Second I didn’t have foil.

You can see the original recipe by clicking here.

Here is what I did.

1. If your wings are whole wings cut them at the joint. (That part made me slightly want to puke in my mouth). I also cut off the wing tip.

2. Next I made sure my wings were dry and then seasoned them with paprika, powdered onion and powdered garlic,black pepper and then misted them with olive oil in my Misto, you can also use cooking spray.

3. Because I couldn’t cook mine on foil, I cooked mine on an elevated rack. As seen above. I baked mine at 400 for about 35 minutes. I did have to turn mine over so do that about halfway through. As always I checked mine with a meat themometer to make sure they were done. Keep the oven going and take the wings out. Shake them in your buffalo sauce and then put them back on your rack and cook them for about 5 more minutes.


I also wanted to quickly comment on these little babes hanging out on Pinterest.

Yogurt Drops!

The first time I saw this recipe it came from this blog. Ever since they seem to be all over the place! There isn’t much to this recipe, just use a sandwich bag, clip the end and pipe out bits of yogurt onto a metal cookie sheet. Freeze. Eat.

I will be honest, I used about a medium size baking pan and felt like I ran out of room on my pan, so I ended up saving eatting the rest of it right there (probably half of the 100 calorie cup). Also mine look a little, well, not as pretty as the original post. I notice that she used a regular flavored yogurt brand. I really wanted to try this with a light (but not artificial) greek yogurt. So although mine may not look super pretty, they tasted great! Actually, I’ve had a touch of a sore throat so this was perfect! And just because I’ve been on this kick with cinnamon I shook a dusting onto of my bits.

 What a perfect way to cool off your mouth after eating those spicy wings!!


Jackpot Baby!


So all last week I had really been trying to avoid any serious snacking after dinner. The other night, however it got to me. I kept thinking, I wish I could think of something sweet that wouldn’t be too heavy in calories. I never did come up with a remedy.

Until I went grocery shopping and I saw these:

Pizzelle, Italian Waffle Cookies!! Suddenly I had an epiphany, I would make these into a frozen treat! I would make them a Nutella Fluff Sandwich. Better idea for a name? Let me know!

If I had to name these frozen sandwiches, I would name them Zoya’s Cookie. She introduced me to these cookies a few years ago and every time I see them, I remember that. She also introduced me to Biscoff, so we know she has pretty good taste! I’m currently out of Biscoff, by the way :(. Bummer.

So wait till you see the ingredients in these magical wonders!

Here is what you’ll need for a single sandwich:

2 Pizzelle Cookies

1 tsp Nutella!

2 tbsp Cool Whip (mine has 25 calories)

and the magic ingredient…..Cinnamon (a nice sprinkle will do)! Isn’t Cinnamon the best spice on Earth??

And equally as awesome as the taste? They only have 104 calories! Did you hear that? 104 calories in an entire sandwich!!

Mix  everything except the cookies in a bowl. Then spread mix onto a cookie and top with another. Be super careful because these cookies will break easy, and then you’ll be forced to eat it on the spot!

Want to know how to make these the best cookies they can be? FREEZE them! I think they are best eating within 24 hours of freezing fyi. So just make a few at a time.

Enjoy your 104 calories of Loveliness!!