Pumpkin Pie Smooshed a “Toaster Pastry”


And a star was born. First I’d like you to meet the leading ladies.

Grandma Hoerner's Apple Pie Filling and Lotus Biscoff Spread

I was very specific about the name of these products because it is soooo important. NO really it is, this is not an exaggeration. If I had an Oprah audience, everyone would find these two little gems under their chair. Unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of clout.  I found the apple pie filling at TJ Maxx. Yes, TJ Maxx strikes again with another beloved product that I will never be able to find more of!! If you find it will you send me some?? Will you ask Grandma Hoerner to send me some?? My friend and I taste tested these products before hand (gotta make sure it is safe!!). It was a bit of Heaven on Earth. We both said at the same time it would be fantastic warmed and served over ice cream (who needs the whole pie, just gemme your guts!). You can feel good about the pie product too. Simple ingredients with the first being APPLES followed by other legible ingredients.

The Biscoff spread was new to me until this weekend. From this day forward it will be a staple in my house. I breathe a heavy sigh of relief because this can be found in my local grocery store! Its taste? Think graham crackers dunked in milk. Delicious. In fact these two products would be fantastic TOGETHER. Toast, check. Ice cream, double check. So what are you waiting for? Go find them!!

Need more convincing? How about another good way to use them? Enter….Mini Pie-Poptarts??? Tell me what you think they should be called. I call them lovelies.


Hello Darlin

I am so good!

These are sooooo easy to make. I already gave you the primary necessities. Extraordinary pie filling and Biscoff spread! The other main player, pie crust. Wanna be uber perfect, make your pie crust from scratch. Wanna be a mom with two little kids, a job and lots of other things she is juggling at the moment? Go for refrigerated pie crusts. I also used either Nutella or white chocolate to drizzle/dip the finished hearts in. For both just heat till they are melty before drizzling/dipping.

So for now, I’m going to talk to you in a way that assumes you bought your pie crust. If you made your own, my instructions are probably unnecessary.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Unroll crust and use a cookie cutter to cut out little hearts.

Dollop a bit of spread into the center of one heart and leave room around edge to seal up. Top with another heart. Seal by pressing a fork around the edges.

Bake hearts for 8-10 minutes. Drizzle or dip away.

I even look good naked!

And dressed!

As simples as these are to make, why not give them a try this Valentine’s Day??

Let me know if you do!

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