Valentine’s Day Pre Game


So I know it isn’t even February, but I am breaking out the Valentine’s Day goodies early this year. Early for me anyways. What normally happens is that I wait until February to think about it, and then my son’s birthday, which happens to be February 13th consumes me so I do nothing for Valentine’s Day except promise myself I’ll do something next year.

Well next year is finally here! Today I happened to have a free day at home with my son but I kept us both very busy.

First things first. Before we hit the road, I tried out this little hair do I found on Pinterest.

Not too shabby??

Yes, I totally agree I need to work on taking better pictures of the back of my head!!

So anyways, after dropping my daughter off at school, my little man and I stopped out to the store for a few supplies.

Supplies, Check

Normally he isn’t the shopping type, but hearing that we were going to buy stuff like marshmallows, candy and chocolates, he was ok with it. Although he only likes the ingredients separately. After opening everything up, I melted down the chocolate and got down to business. First up was the marshmallow sucker pops.

Give them a little chocolate glue.

The steps are pretty self-explanatory. However, if you have never melted chocolate though, be sure to reduce the heat to 50% on your microwave and stir often, you don’t want to over heat the chocolate.  I did some pops with both dark chocolate and white chocolate. As soon as you dip one, sprinkle them or add candies, don’t give the chocolate time to harden.


The next step I was attempting was to make double stuffed cookie pops. Unfortunately on the first attempt the cookie broke into pieces. So I did what any totally awesome mom would do, I gave it to my son ate it. Not to worry, the second cookie fell apart as well. I did offer him that one but he wasn’t interested. (moments like this, I’m not exactly sure he is mine 😉 ).

So I managed to get one cookie to actually not fall apart on me and I immediately thought, why bother? And made the rest sans sticks.

Still yummy!

I also threw in a few graham cracker sticks for good measure.

It took a lot of self-control not to eat all of these on the spot, but I knew we would soon be meeting up with Zoya from House of Diminishing Expectations and her daughter for lunch at Cool Cravings. Zoya and I have been working on our newly made blogs together, so I took her some of our pops and cookies to show my gratitude for all her help!

I have had Cool Cravings before when they catered a few meetings I attended, however this was the first time I’ve been to their restaurant. I think we were all impressed with their atmosphere. There was a good mix of teens, young and older adults all enjoying themselves. But what was more exciting was the food! Cool Cravings is a restaurant that specializes in soups, salads, wraps and sweet desserts.

I had the taco salad and a small bowl of the soup special of the day, creamy potato bacon! Does that seem like an odd combination? I think so but they were both so good! I know it is hard to see, the taco salad had a zesty ranch dressing in there too! Yummy with a mild kick. This was the half salad portion by the way.

Melty Cheese on Chili!

My son’s PB&J came with tortilla chips and a choice of ice cream or cookies. He really isn’t a sweets fan so I helped him pick out two to share with his sister later.

Peanut Butter and Iced Sugar Cookies!

Don’t worry, I nibbled a little off each to make sure they were safe 😉

Well hopefully your day was as sweet as mine!

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