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Not This Time!


So there I was, 7:30 am, me and a table full of baked goods! Blueberry cakes. Chocolate too. And around 12:30, they rolled out the assorted cookies. Fortunantly, I came prepared! I karate chopped those temptations and stuck with my planned (healthy) snacks! A small (nice) surprise, there was yogurt, cheese sticks and tangerines, which made for a nice light lunch!

After the lunch break, the guy next to me brought back a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe. He was raving about them and was surprised I had never hear of it. Normally, I associate smoothies from shops as something that is misguided as healthy but really has like a thousand calories. I think my neighbor caught that I was leery because he went on to say they only use fruit and you can omit any added sugar. Ok, he had my interest. Just by chance, when I was looking for somewhere to eat for dinner, I ran into the TS Cafe and I just had to see for myself!


I’m so glad I did! They had great smoothie options, with options to blend in flax, whey protein, oats, vitamins and more! Would it be wrong of me to drink smoothies for lunch and dinner all week??


Another Shake?


Is it too soon to post about another protein shake? I know not all of you are shake people, but while it is fresh in my mind (and my stomach), I just have to share!

Carrot Cake Protein Shake!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I love carrot cake and with Easter coming up, this treat has been on my mind. When I woke up this morning, I was ready to give this shake a shot! I was impressed when the flavor was pretty much right on with what I had been hoping for!

I think with a few base ingredients, you could decide what you want to add in based on calories, what you have on hand, and of course by what you like. Note that when I made this shake it was HUGE. I ended up splitting my shake up and drank about half for a breakfast and the rest with a light lunch.

This is what I used:

1 packet of single serving vanilla protein mix

1/4 cup of shredded carrot (I used a food processor and I shredded extra so I wouldn’t have to do it again if I wanted to make another shake tomorrow)

1 tbsp vanilla pudding mix

1/4 tsp butter flavoring

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

dash or two of cinnamon

1/2-3/4 cup of vanilla almond milk

ice (5-10 cubes)

Optional mix ins:

shredded coconut, walnut, rains, crushed pineapple

I used 1/2 cup crushed pineapple and a tbsp coconut, I topped a little bit of raisins, walnut and coconut on top so it would be pretty. Also, what is in that glass is only about half of what was in the blender!

I hope you try this out and find it as good as I did!!