Operation Pirate Party Accomplished!


The Spread

The house has just settled down after a weekend of pirate mania! We actually had two parties this weekend. We started off with a kid’s party. 14 kids under 7 and a teen! I know, clearly I am bat crap crazy for planning that one. Honestly, it turned out great! Not too many melt downs considering all the sugar they had pumping through their veins!

Speaking of sugar, let’s talk in a little more detail about these darlings…

Oh My Goodness!!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups with a Reese’s in the center and dash of Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. I know right?!? Can I just tell you, they are amazing! They were so good that they were three pictures worthy!! When these were baking, I was a little concerned they wouldn’t cook evenly. Obviously that wasn’t an issue. The recipe for these came from Inside BruCrew Life which you can see here. Just an FYI, you’ll be looking for her post that is called, “Treats for My Sweets.” I also felt like I had to cook mine a little longer that what she suggested. Also, I used the same frosting that is used below on the cupcakes.

But is one dessert enough?? No way!!

Dessert #2, Brown Sugar Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. What can be said about these? They were very good for my first made-from-scratch cupcake attempt. However, the frosting may have been what sealed the deal. My friend had even commented that normally she just scrapes frosting off (by the way, who does that!?!) but she got a taste of it and realized it was fantastic!!

So how did I keep my sanity with all those crazy kids?? Well, later in the evening, I did partake in a beverage that although failed to be super photogenic, it is still worth mentioning.

Cake-tini? WOOT WOOT! This was a drink I had seen on Pintrest. Frilly drinks are really not my thing, but one drink was kinda nice! I had tried to elevate my drink on a couple pizza boxes so that I could get a shot of the sun through the drink. However, someone told me that the picture looked classy with a K and I had to agree. For my drink, I used a quality black cherry soda instead of the suggested cherry soda. So if you want a bright pink drink, you will want to follow the recipe found here.

I will follow up later with desserts from birthday party day number 2, I called it “The Elder’s Party.”

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