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Everytime I eat Brie I think of Seattle. The other day when I made this sandwich, I instantly was reminded of a sandwich I had while I was in Seattle. It was an apple and Brie panini. I don’t have a panini gadget, so instead of making a grilled sandwich, I decided to use a tortilla again.


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A Perfect Summer Day!


This may be short and sweet because I’m busy enjoying yet another perfect day! However, I just had to share another popper recipe, because….well let’s be honest, poppers rock! Especially these!


I got these Jalepeños at a one of my favorite roadside stands. What makes me super happy is that I had the right mind to buy enough for two nights worth!
Before we got to enjoy these yummy poppers however, earlier in the day, we had the perfect breakfast!

Naturally, those eggs are from my chickens!! We were lucky to have this view all day too!


So here is the super simple recipe for a perfect grilled popper!
You will need:
Cream cheese, softened to room temperature
Cheddar cheese
And most importantly, gloves!

Always take care when seeding Jalepeños. One time my husband went to dump the scraps off my cutting board into our compost and you can imagine the surprise he got when wiped his eyes with the same hand he used to wipe the seeds off the board!



Wash Jalepeños and remove stem area. Scrape seeds and ribs of Jalepeño out through hole.

2. Combine cream cheese and cheddar in a bowl. I used about 4 ounces cream cheese and 1/3 cup cheddar for twelve large Jalepeños. Carefully spoon small quantities of mixture into Jalepeño until full.

3. Wrap Jalepeño with bacon and secure with a toothpick. We used 1/2 slice per Jalepeño and wrapped over hole to help keep cheese from melting out.


4. Grill on greased surface. We used a metal grill pan. Make sure to fully cook bacon.


Serve! I’m seriously off to make another batch! Hope you enjoy!!



How are you! I’ve missed you so much! The family and I snuck off for an island getaway to this lovely place…

It is actually Kelly’s Island! If you are unaware of where that is, it is a little island in Lake Erie. I highly recommend a weekend visit! We ended up camping up there for six nights and still felt like we didn’t get to do a few things we would have liked to do. In the mornings, I rode my bike around the entire edge of the island. I was constantly torn by checking out all the houses and looking at the water. One time I may have ridden off the side of the road into the grass because I was caught up in sight-seeing. Don’t worry no one saw me! HAHAHA!!

At our campsite, I was surprised by what I found on the treeline of our campsite.


Lucky for me, I had packed some Greek yogurt so a few mornings I picked some of the berries and tossed them together!  We were even able to take our dog camping with us.

She loved swimming! I’m pretty sure she is part fish. We had to keep her on a rope because she would try to swim out to boats in the water. Actually, I’m not sure where she would have ended up if we would have let her keep going. Sadie was enjoying herself perhaps a little too much. Whenever we left her in the camper this is what would happen…

Such a priss! She knows she isn’t supposed to be on the furniture and yet as soon as I’d walk out I could hear here jumping up on stuff. So I would go back in and she would look at me like she had no idea what the problem was!So vacation was great! However when we came home…not so great! We got hit hard in our area with a storm the night that we left for the island. Lots of damage and lots of people without power. Did I tell you it has been riding stead around 90-100 degress where we live? We invited whoever needed a place to stay or any other uses access to our house. When we got back, home was a little busier than normal. Even though we had been gone for 6 days, there was still lots of people without power! I’m glad we had it, and that we could help out. Things were made really hectic though because our renters moved out of our rental and they left it a mess!! AHHHHH!!! So my husband has been working over there since we got back and today I’m headed over to paint and clean. It was ridiculous! Did you know cobwebs can turn black if you leave them long enough??? Bleck! I know some awesome people that do a great job taking care as a renter. It wasn’t these people! It breaks my heart because it was our first house and we LOVE that house, just too small for our family. Oh well! I could sit here and cry (literally) about it, but I’ve got an audiobook downloaded, Starbucks in hand and a day of burning calories ahead of me!!

Can You Hear That?


My house is completely quiet at the moment! Actually, it will be this way for the next few hours and I’m going to enjoy every second of it! My husband is on his summer break from work. Just finished Friday. Since then we have had a fun filled weekend! I realized this weekend, I desperately want an i-phone, because there were so many things I would have loved to share (good) pictures of with you!
Until then, I will share a few random thoughts and pictures I’ve been wanting to share!

Let’s start with breakfast! So Much To Share!

Not This Time!


So there I was, 7:30 am, me and a table full of baked goods! Blueberry cakes. Chocolate too. And around 12:30, they rolled out the assorted cookies. Fortunantly, I came prepared! I karate chopped those temptations and stuck with my planned (healthy) snacks! A small (nice) surprise, there was yogurt, cheese sticks and tangerines, which made for a nice light lunch!

After the lunch break, the guy next to me brought back a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe. He was raving about them and was surprised I had never hear of it. Normally, I associate smoothies from shops as something that is misguided as healthy but really has like a thousand calories. I think my neighbor caught that I was leery because he went on to say they only use fruit and you can omit any added sugar. Ok, he had my interest. Just by chance, when I was looking for somewhere to eat for dinner, I ran into the TS Cafe and I just had to see for myself!


I’m so glad I did! They had great smoothie options, with options to blend in flax, whey protein, oats, vitamins and more! Would it be wrong of me to drink smoothies for lunch and dinner all week??

I Made It!


I am finally settling down after a long day of travel! I would have to say that so far today has just been ok. I get super nervous about flying so this morning I made some oats hoping they’d calm me down (and my stomach)!


In case you don’t already know this trick, this is a perfect way to get the last bits of peanut butter from your jar! As expensive as peanut butter is, nothing should go to waste! You can also use this trick with Nutella and Biscoff!



All you do is cook your oats (I use old fashion plain on the stove cooked in Almond Milk, it makes the oats creamy). While oats are still warm, stir in a near empty container of your favorite nut butter. Then pour it out into you bowl! If your adventurous and carefree of calories, I’d love to know how this tastes with a nearly empty frosting jar! I know, please excuse my sweet tooth for taking over!

So when I arrived to my destination it was raining…hard. 😦 My plan was to scope out the area to get a feel for where things were (and to stretch my legs). Luckily, my cab driver told me like 5 times the mall is right next to where I’m staying! It was like he knew me! The mall was ok. I was super excited they had a frozen yogurt shop, until I actually got there, it was a bust! I actually ended up coming back to the hotel and getting this…


It wasn’t too bad, although it had cranberries and there was supposed to be peanuts, I don’t know, just a little confused! I think I miss my kitchen!
Hopefully tomorrow I have better luck!

Survival Mode


Pretty soon I’ll be on my way to yet another week long, out of town conference. I’ve been to enough of these to realize that travel and conferences are recipe for belly disaster. Why? Because someone decided long ago that it was a nice gesture to serve things like doughnuts, cookies, wraps and cheesecake to people who have spent hours on their butts!!!!
Well I’m hoping this time around to not fall victim to their ways! Hopefully, I will have you with me along the way to keep me in check! Ok and in full disclosure, this particular training was pretty expensive and they don’t feed you! But just in case the doughnuts and cookies surface, I’ll be prepared!


So how about a quick treat before I leave? Remember this Banana Ice Cream? I’ve had people tell me they enjoyed it so much. When I saw this recipe for Strawberry Ice Cream, I had to make sure I tried it out and then passed along the recipe!


So simple!

This makes a single serving (if I made more I would not stop eating it!!)

1. Freeze 1/2 banana and 5-6 strawberries.
2. 1/4 cup cottage cheese

Mix fruit and cottage cheese with a blender. You may have to use a wooden spoon and push bits back down to bottom of blender (a few times). Blend until everything is creamy, serve!


Or if you’re like me, decorate and then serve!


Recipe adapted from The Gracious Pantry.