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Just Wing It!


Oh chicken wings, it has been a while!

Typically, I don’t venture far from the traditional flavors of buffalo and blue cheese when it comes to wings. However words like brown sugar, goat cheese and roasted red pepper perked my ears right up. This recipe looked amazing when I saw it on Pinterest and I was expecting to be disappointed with my own wings when I actually made them (some things on Pinterest just look too good to be true). I was proven wrong! They not only looked good it tasted great!

20121027-113749.jpg Continue Reading for recipe


Oh Charlie!


I have a love-hate relationship with sub shops! Typically, I opt for a salad but I really want to run out of there with loaves of bread packed full of tasty meats and hot melty cheese. Well today I came to a compromise (I do that a lot with cravings 🙂 ).


The stuffing in this pepper was so tasty! It reminded me of grilled turkey sandwiches I would get from a small deli during my college years. I wish there would have been leftovers because I would have loved to used it in the morning in an omelet. Maybe next time!

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Egg-tastic Dinner


It may not be fancy, but when it comes to flavor, this can hang with the best! My husband was so pleased with this meal, he asked if we could please have this again soon (before we were even done eating). Trying to keep up with the chickens and their egg production, we will being have this again for sure. Speaking of the chickens, we have started quite the bartering system with their eggs. So far we have traded for homemade noodles, homemade applesauce and goose breasts (which I have never had nor know how to cook).

I had seen those flat breads at the grocery forever and had been interested in trying them out, but I held off until I could think of some use for them outside of pizza.
Here is what you’ll need for this dish:
flat bread (I used one for two people)
tomato, chopped
center cut bacon
salt and pepper

1. Start by frying your bacon until it is thoroughly cooked.
2. While bacon is cooking, mash avocado (I used a little over half to serve two people). Stir in chopped tomato (I used about 1/3 cup of a large tomato). Add a squeeze of lime juice from 1/4th lime. Add salt to taste (I went easy since I was adding bacon to this sandwich.)

3. Fry eggs over easy, in a lightly oiled skillet (salt or pepper optional on eggs). While cooking eggs, toast flatbread with provolone on top until cheese melts.
4. Once cheese on flatbread is melty, top with bacon.

5. Top with avocado mix.

6. Top with eggs.



Birthday Fun


You know your birthday has been fun when your ready for the Monday routine of a salad and a long run to return. Until then, I’m enjoying every moment although I might only fit into sweat pants. So what have I been up to? Well I’ll show you and you can tell me if you see any patterns.

Pumpkin Chili! Send me a link if you know a good recipe for this! It was fantastic!

Pumpkin Fudge! Just a tiny pinch of this and your taste buds will love you.

Pumpkin Doughnut! This may have been at the top of my list next to the pumpkin cheesecake that didn’t last long enough for a picture. I will never try to make my own pumpkin doughnut because you can’t beat perfection!

Pumpkin Latte, if you never have had this, go now! Have you seen Starbuck’s new coffee makers?? I so want one!!! Bad!

Wine tasting! This was a blast!

Poblano and Goat Cheese Bacon Burger! Holy cow, this is one of the best burgers I’ve ever had! The bacon had a thick maple glaze which gave the burger an awesome combo of sweet and salty! I look forward to trying to make something like this at the lake next summer!

Costume shopping, yes hanging out my kids made my day! He passed up the angry bird costume however to be this character instead!
In case your worried about me having sugar intoxication, I’ll be honest enough to say that I’ve enjoyed some of these treats over the past few days, but I probably have had more junk than any one person should have!
So how shall I repent?

WHAT THE WHAT!! I’m so jacked up excited to try this out!!! It took everything out of me to not buy every bottle on the shelf!! at only 40 calories per serving…I probably should have! By the way, I found this lovely at Walmart! I’ll be sure to blog a little salad idea I have in place for this gem!
Thank you to all of those who contributed all of the fun I’ve had over the last few days!!

Chicken Enchilada Potato


I’m certain that typical combinations that come to mind when pairing up this chicken enchilada bake would have been rice or some sort of tortilla. However, when making this dish, I was heading out of town for a week and didn’t want to let these potatoes go to waste!

I have no regret! These potatoes were tasty and satisfying!

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Fast Food Cravings


If you read my blog often, you know I’m not much of a fast food person. Not that I don’t enjoy a burger or the convince of having a meal for four in less than five minutes, but the regret of the calories that come with that sandwich (amongst other concerns) make me avoid it for the most part. But sometimes, I really want something fast and fast food-ish. Lately, it has been tacos.
Luckily, this dish made a yummy, fast, fast food compromise.

Skinny Doritos Taco Bake
I originally saw this recipe on Pinterest (your shocked, I know). My husband LOVED this meal. Like three servings in one sitting love. I may have been slightly jealous that I didn’t come up with it on my own :(.

The only change I made to this recipe is that I added some ranch seasonings along with the taco seasoning. I can’t tell you how simple this was to put together so I’ll show you pictures instead!






Told you it was easy! The best part, one serving is an entire 1/8th of that casserole dish and it comes in at only 320 calories! Good luck getting that at a fast food joint.
The next time I make this, I think I would like to top it with some lettuce, tomatoes and taco sauce (after cooking it of course). I might also consider using regular Doritos just because I’m not a huge fan of the baked (obviously this swap would add more calories per serving).
Speaking of baked chips, why haven’t they made baked Fritos?!
My thanks goes out to Mama Laughlin for this awesome dish!