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Quinoa Stuffed Peppers



I know what you are going to say, it has been a long time! I’ve missed you too. Things have been so chaotic! No matter how busy I’ve been though, I keep thinking of all the recipes I want to share with you! I’m totally hooked on these stuffed peppers. I have enjoyed theses so much that I have bought more ingredients for these at back to back shopping trips. I even look forward to leftovers.

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Just Too Easy!


I love Panera’s black bean soup. But I have a few problems:
1. The closest Panera is about a half hour drive.
2. One bowl is never enough (where are the next day leftovers??)
3. I have a freezer full of ground beef that I’m trying to incorporate into different types of dishes.
Here is what I came up with.

Just too good!! If that isn’t enough, it’s super easy to make (cheaper too!)

Here is all you’ll need for this dish:
1 pound ground beef
2 cans seasoned black beans
1 can diced tomatoes (drained)
1 cup of beef broth
sliced Jalepeño, diced and to taste (I used 5-6 slices)
2-3 cloves of garlic, minced
2 tbsp chili powder
1/2 tsp cumin
1 tsp olive oil
shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream or plain Greek yogurt optional

1. In a large pot add olive oil and garlic and bring up to medium heat.
2. Once fragrant (don’t let garlic burn), add beef. Crumble and cook until no longer pink. Drain fat and return to pot. Add in diced Jalepeño, chili powder and cumin.

3. For the beans, either mash some of them in the can with fork or use a potato masher and mash some of the beans up in the pot to make the soup thicker.

4. Add in broth and tomatoes.

5. Ladle in a bowl and top with cheese, sour cream or yogurt.
Aside from using my potato masher to mash beans, I also use my garlic mincer to mince Jalepeño (doesn’t always work out the best but I can be lazy!).
Do you any kitchen gadgets to make cooking easie in other ways?

A Winning Combination


I just signed up for a three month program at my gym that will focus on preparing me for a half marathon! Although I think I could do this on my own, I’m really excited to get out there with others who have the same goal. For me it isn’t even about “socializing” just their presence is motivating. It totally brings out the competitor in me. The program starts next month and is going to keep me busy for two nights (and one morning). So that dinners don’t become neglected, I’m going to have to really plan to have good “leftover” meals or crockpot meals. Some people hate leftovers but for me it is all about how much I really liked the dish the first time around. Hint: I really loved this dish the first time around…

Cajun Chicken Pasta! Normally, when pasta and creamy sauces are put together you get one heck of a calorie laden meal. Not with this recipe! A whole 11/2 cups of this pasta comes in at only 328 calories. Not bad! Also, I just love all the veggies packed into it!


I think the chicken is hiding in my pictures but don’t worry, there was just the right amount in each dish.

I followed the suggested recipe, however I added just a pinch of ground red pepper at the end just to make it a little more spicy! It was even a great leftovers meal for the next day which was great for today because my kids had a ton of homework and I needed to help them and not be busy cooking.

So do you have any favorite healthy leftover meals or crockpot meals? I’d love to hear about them!
The recipe for this yummy dish can be found at Skinnytaste.com.

French Fries?


Normally, I’m a sweet potato kinda gal. Either making my own or buying some of those fantastic Alexia Sweet Potato Fries. Don’t even get me started on their Waffle Cut Sweet Potato fries! But when I saw this pin on Pinterest I knew I had to tries these fries out!!

So I did…and they were great! Should I feel guilty? All that melty cheese and crispy bacon. 5% of me says yes but the rest screams no! Comparing the quality of the ingredients I used and the control of portion size, I’m gonna let the one slide.


Speaking of letting things slide, where have I been?? I was a bit surprised with myself when I realized I haven’t posted a thing since November! Yipes! I think about my blog all the time and things I want to post so…well I can’t think of a good reason other than I’ve been busy with enjoying my family and my work. Right now, I’m ok with that.
I have been thinking though, the New Year is approaching, are you going to have a resolution? Normally, I really don’t but this year I actually believe I do! Part of it is to spend more quality time with my blog (even if that is five minutes more 😉 ). The other I will share at the start of the New Year!
Until then, try out these fries! I think they would actually be very nice with sweet potatoes too!


Original recipe can be found at Baked Bree or by clicking here. Yes, I know her fries look way pretty!

Soup Time!


This week has been super chilly! It only seems right to break out the crockpot. Whenever my husband figures out I’m making vegetable soup, he gives me that look. That look that tells me he would rather eat pretty much anything else (including dirt). Then I remind him that there is beef and potatoes in it, and suddenly vegetable soup doesn’t sound too bad.

The beef in this soup was perfect! It was a super thick chuck roast. Two days before making this soup, I thawed the roast out and then marinaded it olive oil and beef broth powder (similar to a bouillon just in powder form) and threw it in a container to hang out in my fridge. About 30 minutes before cooking, I took the roast out of the fridge and let it sit.
Here are the other ingredients I added:
1 bag mix frozen veggies (peas, corn, carrots)
1 large can stewed tomatoes with juice (I used a jar that I had canned)
3 medium potatoes, peeled and diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 stalks celery, chopped
beef broth about 1 1/2-2 cups
rosemary (few sprigs)
parsley (mine was dried)
onion powder (I would have added onion but I didn’t have any!)
sea salt and pepper

1. Cut beef into manageable pieces. I also removed any visible fat.

2. In a lightly sprayed skillet, brown meat and cook celery until soft. My meat wasn’t completely cooked trough when it went into the crock pot, but close.
3. While meat is cooking, add everything else to crock pot. I started added rosemary to the top.




4. Turn crock pot on low. When beef is done in skillet, add it to the top. Cover and slowly back away ;). No really, go have fun and know that come dinner time, all you have to do is scoop and serve!!



Oh and remember how I said the beef was perfect?? Just look how it nearly fell apart on my spoon!




Today I want to share with you a totally comforting dish! This dish is cheesy, salty, filling, and of course eggy!!

But first I want to share with you an accomplishment I made yesterday!
I ran a 10.4 mile trail run!

Awww look how happy I look. Who knew how sore I would be today!! I don’t think I’m completely sore from the run (although it was extremely difficult), but more from all of the times I almost fell during the run. We had quite a few days of rain right before the race, so the trail was extremely muddy.
Exhibit A and B


I’m guessing I won’t be allowed to wear those shoes in the gym :(.
I looked for pictures of the race however the ones I found are completely misleading! They are all of these little flat spots of a beautifully wooded trails. Although the race was in a very beautiful setting, they failed to show pictures of all of the large hills you have to climb during the race (my husband counted seven). I’m pretty sure if there were seven, at least five of them were in the first five miles. A friend I was running with had asked me on the first hill if this was the “hill” I had been talking about (I had ran this course one other time in the past), I’m pretty sure that she didn’t like my response when I replied “it is one of them.”
The other “fun” part of this run was all of the creeks you had to get across (with no bridges). There were a few times my shoes got wet and that water was COLD!
But we made it! And I’m sure everyone felt proud!
Today however, I’m taking it easy because I’m so sore!
So let’s get back to cooking shall we?

We have been having a heck of a time keeping up with the chickens and all of the eggs they’ve been laying. So when I came up with this dish, I wanted to make sure that I would have lots of the couscous mixture for leftovers.
Here is what I used:
whole wheat couscous
frozen spinach, thawed and squeeze dry
parmesan cheese
goat cheese (not shown)
butter and olive oil (also not shown)
bacon (entire package)
chicken broth or chicken bouillon
salt and pepper
When I made this, I had doubled the couscous and made roughly four cups cooked. I would suggest only making about two cups cooked because it is just so filling and let you dish have more bacon and spinach. But that is just me!
So here is what I did:
1. Boil couscous according to package. Instead of water I used chicken broth for extra flavor. I didn’t add salt because of the broth base having plenty of sodium (plus your adding bacon later!). Once couscous is cooked, add in a little fat. I used butter (about two tablespoons) and just a bit of olive oil.

2. While couscous is cooking, fry your bacon until crispy.

3. Combine couscous, bacon, spinach, and goat cheese (I used what was left in my fridge probably about 11/2-2 ounces.
4. Fry eggs over easy and add a little sprinkle of salt and pepper while cooking.
5. In a bowl, add couscous mixture.

(This may have been a little too much for one serving.)
6. Top with an egg (or two and parmesan). Serve!!




Just Wing It!


Oh chicken wings, it has been a while!

Typically, I don’t venture far from the traditional flavors of buffalo and blue cheese when it comes to wings. However words like brown sugar, goat cheese and roasted red pepper perked my ears right up. This recipe looked amazing when I saw it on Pinterest and I was expecting to be disappointed with my own wings when I actually made them (some things on Pinterest just look too good to be true). I was proven wrong! They not only looked good it tasted great!

20121027-113749.jpg Continue Reading for recipe