TJ Maxx Owns My Pay Check!


Ok, maybe not really. I shop there because, A. I can find high quality gourmet goodies in one spot and B. They are at a great price!!

Wanna see what I got??


Le Bounty!!

I know right?? I’m so stoked! Did you see my Spaa Noodles are back?? This time I bought them all. MUAHAHAHA!!!! I’m also so excited about trying the Quinoa and Marinara meals I found! It is very low in calories for such a large serving. I actually checked twice to make sure I was reading things right. Hopefully that doesn’t mean it tastes like cardboard! I think I’ll try it out either this week or next so I’ll let you know!

If you read my post yesterday, you already know I tore up the Cherry and Peach Preserves. They are mighty fantastic!

Today I’d like to share with you a recipe I used this little dandy on!

Are you curious??

Well here it is!

Ciabatta Shrimp Sandwiches Baby!!

These sandwiches were so freaking good! My husband had a question in his eye when I was making them. We both like shrimp but typically we eat them either sautéed or breaded and that is about it. Never in a sandwich. Can I say we both ate our entire sandwich and that was IT. It was extremely flavorful and satisfying!

Here is what I used to make these sandwiches.

ciabatta rolls

coconut oil (or what you have!)

Cajun seasoning


provolone cheese


tomato, sliced

avocado, sliced

mayo 1-2 tsps

and of course my red pepper jelly!!

1. Toast sliced ciabatta rolls in toaster oven. Melt provolone on rolls.

2. Sautee shrimp in coconut oil and season with Cajun spices. After they are cooked, put on a plate and allow to slightly cool. Remove tails.

4. Top with remaining ingredients and dig in!!

What is not to love!

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