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Frothy on the Cheap!


So you didn’t get one of those fancy schmancy home coffee brewers for Christmas? No worries!! Let me introduce you to this little guy…

A milk frother (thanks Auntie M)! I picked this little guy up for $3.99 (I believe) at Ikea! So what can this little guy do exactly? Let me demonstrate it’s magic!



So what does this all mean exactly? Well let me show you!


Beautiful isn’t it?!? I found that lower fat milk seems to get more foamy than the higher fat. Let me know what your findings are! Also, I believe, I may be making another road trip to Ikea so for my hometown buddies, let me know if you want me to grab you one!
And now that you have the coffee shop drink, let’s pair it with a coffee shop sandwich shall we?

This sandwich just happens to take care of that pizza craving too!

I found this sandwich idea Pinterest! I just love banana peppers (I eat them straight out of the jar) so I topped my sandwich with them.

I cook mine open faced in the toaster oven and slap them together after the cheese starts getting melty.

Add a cup of soup and you have a happy lunch!
Original sandwich idea is from Green Lite Bites.


Stuffed Puffed Pastries


Yet another Christmas is coming to an end. Almost. We have one more get together this weekend. In my head I feel like things will settle down then, however we have New Years and my dad’s birthday before the festivities will actually be over. Long story short, I have all kinds of recipes to share with you right now!


These Avocado, Cream Cheese and Salsa Puffed Pastries were a hit! Next time I think I’ll let them cook a little longer, but I was so worried they would burn and I didn’t want to the the chance. I’m also interested in how they would be if you used wonton or egg roll wrappers in lieu of the puff pastry. If you try that out, let me know how they turn out.


I really liked how quickly these came together! I’ll be honest I just spooned the avocado, cream cheese and salsa onto each square without measuring. Whatever looked good seemed to work out just fine. The only thing I didn’t like was that my salsa was naturally a little too wet and leaked from a few of the pastries. Next time I think I’ll use my little mesh strainer or even a fork to add the salsa so it’s a little drier.



Aside from not measuring, I followed the original recipe pretty closely and it can be found here at Averie Cooks.

So if you celebrate Christmas, I hoped you enjoyed it! Here are a few picture of my favorite things.



The weather was terrible and we had to get a tree so this is our $20.00 purchase from Tractor Supply! Not bad huh? My kids decorated our cookies, clearly they love sprinkles. Also our Elf, George was a hit and will be missed very much.
Although I got loads of cool gifts, I’m happy to share that I got this…

Also I’m hoping that this gift will help with all the holiday indulging!

Do you have one of these gadgets? I haven’t used my Nike band yet but I’m hoping it is as neat as it looks!!

To My Little Coffee Addicts


Me included on that title!!

So a few weekends ago, the girls and I were talking coffee. We discussed how expensive our favorite drinks can be and worst yet how we suffer through camping and boating trips with gross gas station crap or nothing at all! And then I started thinking and doing a little research and I think I’ve created a versatile and yet cheap back up plan!!

Honey, I'm Home!

Nutella Ice Coffee Baby!!

So simple and inexpensive you are going to what to kick your own butt!! The one thing this takes to make is a little planning. But it isn’t like you don’t know if you are going to have that coffee in the morning or not so get over it!

For my coffee drinkers, who like to drink coffee but really don’t like the flavor of it.

You will need:

1/4 cup ground coffee

1 cup water

milk, soy milk, almond milk, whatever you like


For people who like a stronger coffee flavor, just double the coffee/water above.

Part One:

So the night before you need to throw your coffee and water together in a container. I used an old cleaned glass jar. Refrigerate coffee/water in jar over night. From what I gather, cold brewing your coffee keeps it from tasting bitter.

Part Two:

The next morning, double your water in the jar (s0 if you added 1 cup the night before, add another cup). Take a coffee filter and position it over a separate glass. Strain your jar of coffee/water mixture through the filter into the new glass. You may need to run your coffee/water mix through a filter twice before pouring it into your “coffee cup.” Once you are satisfied that your coffee is ground free, top you coffee with milk. Obviously, my people who doubled their coffee/water above for a stronger taste will be adding less milk. Next spoon some Nutella into a microwave safe container and melt for about 15-30 seconds. Using a spoon, mix your coffee quickly as you pour in Nutella. Add ice. Fall in love!

But what if you are on a boat and don’t have access to a microwave? You could use flavored milk, flavored coffee or sweeten with sugar.  You would want to double or triple your recipe and have it strained before you take it with you, that way you can just pour what you want each day and you don’t have to mess with the part one stuff!

Either way you do it! Please let me know how it works for you!!