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Raspberry Coconut Cups

There is something about homemade that seems special to me. Not only to give it to others, but to indulge in it myself! Who needs store made chocolates for Valentine’s Day when you can make them yourself!

Since I’ve been blogging about my meals and snacks, I’ve notice that I spend far more time appreciating what I’ve made and really paying attention to all the flavors and textures than what is pre-made and out of a box or wrapper. Have you ever ate a candy bar to only realize after it is gone that you can’t really recall eating it? I have. But not today!

I'm delish!

I received some different flavored Dove Dark Chocolates for Christmas. Raspberry Dark Chocolate was one of the flavors and it wasn’t moving really fast.  It just didn’t appeal to me or anyone else for that matter. So when I saw this recipe from Handle the Heat, I decided I would try it out with a few modifications.

The simple supplies

In my recipe, I used the raspberry dark chocolates instead of bittersweet chocolate. I also made mine into cups instead of bars. If you don’t like raspberry flavored chocolates, use whatever you like!

Here is what you’ll need.

Silicone muffin pan (or metal if you don’t have one)

Sea salt 1/2 tsp (really don’t use more than this!)

2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk

3 cups coconut

Chocolate of your choice, the original recipe says 10 oz. I at least used an entire bag of the Dove Promises (it was in a container so I’m guessing on it only being one bags worth!).

I made 16 rather big coconut cups. You could easily make yours smaller and get more. I wanted mine to be a single serving dessert. Although my husband just ate two three cups to make sure he really liked them (his words not mine).

Lets get this party started!

1. Lightly spray silicone cups (I used my misto).

2. Mix salt, coconut and sweetened condensed milk in a bowl and set aside.

3. Melt chocolates in the microwave.

4. Smear a small bit of chocolate in bottom of silicone cups. With your hands pat a bit of the coconut mixture into a thick disk shape that will fit in cup but allow room around the sides for the chocolate to pour over. Spoon melted chocolate on top of coconut and down sides.  Refrigerate to allow to harden.

That’s it!! I did try four cups in a sprayed metal muffin tin. They do ok but I did have to use an edge of a knife to pop them out where with the silicone I just pushed them up and out.

From what little internet research I’ve done, I BELIEVE that my bar is 100% free of corn syrup and perhaps some other interesting ingredients that are in a traditional Mounds Bar. The filling alone only contains milk, sugar and coconut. Nice. The coconut and raspberry flavors really work well together too!


Do you make any homemade chocolates? I’d love to hear about them!

On a totally different note, I found this exercise program while pinning on Pinterest.  Ok I know I’ll never (and really don’t ever want to!) look like the chick doing the moves. Although she seems like she has a really nice personality! What I like about this program is that 1. you can do it at home, 2. it takes 12 minutes!!! Who doesn’t have that??? I forgot that this modeling (use that term VERY loosely) thing I do every year is coming up. I’ve been super unmotivated and have put on a few holiday pounds. I’m hoping this will get me in the right direction and I have about a month to do it! Exactly what this program is!! So will you do it with me?? I just did my fitness test Saturday so today I’m on day three! Day one is only 7 minutes. How can you turn me down?

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  1. I’m so making these next week. They would be the perfect sweety gift for Rob – he adores dark choc and coconut. I shall report back, but don’t hold your breath that they will be anything special! I have never attempted anything like this before!

    • My husband said he didn’t like raspberry so I figured I’d be eating them all by myself. I can’t keep him out of them! We are like rabbid dogs fighting over the last few. My father-in-law took off with three of them the other day. Looks like I’m going to have to make more myself too! This recipe is super easy to follow, I promise!

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