Jackpot Baby!


So all last week I had really been trying to avoid any serious snacking after dinner. The other night, however it got to me. I kept thinking, I wish I could think of something sweet that wouldn’t be too heavy in calories. I never did come up with a remedy.

Until I went grocery shopping and I saw these:

Pizzelle, Italian Waffle Cookies!! Suddenly I had an epiphany, I would make these into a frozen treat! I would make them a Nutella Fluff Sandwich. Better idea for a name? Let me know!

If I had to name these frozen sandwiches, I would name them Zoya’s Cookie. She introduced me to these cookies a few years ago and every time I see them, I remember that. She also introduced me to Biscoff, so we know she has pretty good taste! I’m currently out of Biscoff, by the way :(. Bummer.

So wait till you see the ingredients in these magical wonders!

Here is what you’ll need for a single sandwich:

2 Pizzelle Cookies

1 tsp Nutella!

2 tbsp Cool Whip (mine has 25 calories)

and the magic ingredient…..Cinnamon (a nice sprinkle will do)! Isn’t Cinnamon the best spice on Earth??

And equally as awesome as the taste? They only have 104 calories! Did you hear that? 104 calories in an entire sandwich!!

Mix  everything except the cookies in a bowl. Then spread mix onto a cookie and top with another. Be super careful because these cookies will break easy, and then you’ll be forced to eat it on the spot!

Want to know how to make these the best cookies they can be? FREEZE them! I think they are best eating within 24 hours of freezing fyi. So just make a few at a time.

Enjoy your 104 calories of Loveliness!!

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  1. So easy, and sounds delicious. Another simple treat I have to share with the nieces (not to mention the sister will be all over this one too).

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll let you know how they turn out and if I add a little bit of my own touch!

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