Hot and Cold


I heart having friends who like talking about recipes just like I do! A while ago, Auntie M. was telling me about this recipe she had for Baked Buffalo Wings.  She liked the cooking method because she said they got nice and crispy on the outside just like they would had they been fried. My husband and I love wings so when I went to Sam’s Club I was sure to pick up a big pack of them so we could give it a try!

Look pretty darn good to me? What do you think??? Guess what? They tasted PERFECT!

Sometimes I think going out can be a roll of the dice when it comes to wings. At times they can be super skimpy on actual meat and don’t even get me started on the time I ordered chicken that was totally undercooked!! Now that we live more on the country side of town, it can take a good 20 minutes to get to a nearest wing joint. This recipe just made the chicken wings from home so much better!

Want to know my secret weapon?

Hello Frank's!

Notice that this is Frank’s Buffalo Sauce and not the original stuff.

Ok, so I super modified my wings from the original recipe. Not because the original doesn’t look good, but because what I had on hand was a little different. First off I had this huge bottle of Buffalo Sauce, so I didn’t want to spend the time making some from scratch (I know you’re shocked). Second I didn’t have foil.

You can see the original recipe by clicking here.

Here is what I did.

1. If your wings are whole wings cut them at the joint. (That part made me slightly want to puke in my mouth). I also cut off the wing tip.

2. Next I made sure my wings were dry and then seasoned them with paprika, powdered onion and powdered garlic,black pepper and then misted them with olive oil in my Misto, you can also use cooking spray.

3. Because I couldn’t cook mine on foil, I cooked mine on an elevated rack. As seen above. I baked mine at 400 for about 35 minutes. I did have to turn mine over so do that about halfway through. As always I checked mine with a meat themometer to make sure they were done. Keep the oven going and take the wings out. Shake them in your buffalo sauce and then put them back on your rack and cook them for about 5 more minutes.


I also wanted to quickly comment on these little babes hanging out on Pinterest.

Yogurt Drops!

The first time I saw this recipe it came from this blog. Ever since they seem to be all over the place! There isn’t much to this recipe, just use a sandwich bag, clip the end and pipe out bits of yogurt onto a metal cookie sheet. Freeze. Eat.

I will be honest, I used about a medium size baking pan and felt like I ran out of room on my pan, so I ended up saving eatting the rest of it right there (probably half of the 100 calorie cup). Also mine look a little, well, not as pretty as the original post. I notice that she used a regular flavored yogurt brand. I really wanted to try this with a light (but not artificial) greek yogurt. So although mine may not look super pretty, they tasted great! Actually, I’ve had a touch of a sore throat so this was perfect! And just because I’ve been on this kick with cinnamon I shook a dusting onto of my bits.

 What a perfect way to cool off your mouth after eating those spicy wings!!


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    • It seemed to work well but they really did need to be turned over half way, I could tell the underside wasn’t equally done until they were flipped over. I would say these were as pleasing as the fried kind!

  1. Ginger,
    Thank you for mentioning my recipe…. My husband and I just recently moved to Buffalo, NY of all places. 🙂 Of course being the “capital of the world” of Buffalo Wings I still thing baking them is a good alternative.

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