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Frothy on the Cheap!


So you didn’t get one of those fancy schmancy home coffee brewers for Christmas? No worries!! Let me introduce you to this little guy…

A milk frother (thanks Auntie M)! I picked this little guy up for $3.99 (I believe) at Ikea! So what can this little guy do exactly? Let me demonstrate it’s magic!



So what does this all mean exactly? Well let me show you!


Beautiful isn’t it?!? I found that lower fat milk seems to get more foamy than the higher fat. Let me know what your findings are! Also, I believe, I may be making another road trip to Ikea so for my hometown buddies, let me know if you want me to grab you one!
And now that you have the coffee shop drink, let’s pair it with a coffee shop sandwich shall we?

This sandwich just happens to take care of that pizza craving too!

I found this sandwich idea Pinterest! I just love banana peppers (I eat them straight out of the jar) so I topped my sandwich with them.

I cook mine open faced in the toaster oven and slap them together after the cheese starts getting melty.

Add a cup of soup and you have a happy lunch!
Original sandwich idea is from Green Lite Bites.

Sandwich Time!


Right now, it seems the only thing there is time to make and eat is a sandwich. And that may only get done standing up. As everyone else is getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday, my husband and I (with the help of some friends and family) have about five different projects moving around our house all at the same time. I don’t anticipate that I’ll be able to get out there Black Friday, to experience the nostalgia and bliss of shopping for my little ones’ Christmas. You know…it is sort of like this…

And by the way, if you have failed to watch The Walking Dead, I say shame on you and encourage you to spend Black Friday watching the first two seasons. And you can shop via the internet and choose to put on real clothes or stay in your pjs. See? It’s a win-win! Although, I think some people feel this concept is acceptable anywhere anymore.
So what else has been going on?
First we got asked to take a hot tub off my parents hands at a very low price. They had bought it less than two years ago and hardly ever used it and were ready to get it off their deck. We had a really small older hot tub (that maybe had four jets in the entire tub). We use it all the time and knew that we would be fools to pass it up! We were even able to quickly sell our old one, which made it an even better decision. The new hot tub is massive and took eight men to move. Later four of us tried to scoot it a couple inches and it was impossible. Massive.


So project one: move tub, reinforce deck, and rewire electric to proper voltage.
The next project came last Saturday, my husband woke me up and told me there was sales on refrigerators that was too good to pass up. Within the hour, I was headed out with a latte in hand to make my purchase. I forgot to get a picture of the outside of it, it will be here Tuesday. But I did snap one of the inside. Sorry, I couldn’t completely open it because they had the fridges too close to each other.

Glorious!! My kids are so excited because I told them we could put there snacks in the bottom pull out drawer, that way they could reach them. In fact, I’ve never seen kids so stoked about a refrigerator.
Project two, purchase new fridge, make plans for delivery, move all of our existing food elsewhere and make a home for our old fridge (we are hanging onto it for our rental). Move food into new fridge.
The very next day from purchasing the fridge, we went to a house auction that had loads of high end household items. The auction was packed and things were selling way overpriced. I did however get this lovely chair, ottoman, and matching couch. For a fair price.

The chair and couch are huge which spurred several projects into motion at once.
Project three, move kids play room into a different room, create “man cave.”
Project four, paint both kids room and man cave, paint trim and ceiling, install new lighting.
Disaster one: man cave tv blew up! This tv was actually going to be move upstairs (we really only have one tv in our house at the time, you know the dead one…) in the living room so that I could watch The Walking Dead while my husband is watching football. Ahhhhhh!
So now project five: replace lamp in old tv, purchase man cave tv.
Project six: move around upstairs living room to accommodate tv after we get it repaired.
Project seven: restore the leather couch and chair. The furniture and leather itself are in great shape but the color in some places has faded. So far, from my research, I think that I am going to send in a sample to a company who will make me a balm to restore the color. Have you ever done this?? What was your experience?
Well that is the main projects right now!! I’m not in charge of Thanksgiving this year but I do have a fantastic recipe for making your turkey if you need one!!
But now, all I have time for is this:



Thank you Pinterest!!
Yes these sandwiches are different (although not really), I made them back to back but used a different colored pepper.

Here is all you need:
Adapted from: BS’ In The Kitchen
Roasted peppers (great TJ Maxx find!)
Goat cheese
Portabella mushrooms (I used 1 1/2 caps per sandwich, sliced)
Wrap (I used a Smart and Delicious wrap and really liked the flavor)
Olive oil in my Misto
Salt and pepper
1. Spray pan generously with olive oil. On medium heat add mushrooms, spray the top of the with oil and allow them to cook. Once they start to soften up, sprinkle with salt and pepper.

2. Remove cooked mushrooms from pan and set them aside. Add pepper if yours are cold so that they are nice and warm. Turn heat off. Wipe out pan carefully (don’t burn yourself!!) and add fresh olive oil. Add heat back and once oil is warm, add wrap. Top wit cheese and pepper and mushroom. Cook over medium. Once cheese starts warming, fold tortilla in half.
3. Put sandwich on a plate, cut and serve!!


A Keeper


I’m proud to announce that tomorrow I’m hosting my first ever giveaway! Please check in for your chance to win! If you have a friend who either enjoys cooking, or is interest in weight loss, or they just like to try to win things, tell them to stop by! ūüôā
For today however, let’s talk about this yummy dish!!

Cheesy Pepper Jack Polenta, Bacon and Egg! Continue for recipe!

Flew the Coop!!


This morning, we had a potentially disastrous situation on our hands. Turns out our chickens are getting agitated by the confines of their run so one of them literally flew the coop. What makes this a real poor decision on the chicken’s part is that our dog would like nothing better than to sink her teeth into them. Normally, we lock her up in the house when we let them out so there is no way they can actually cross paths.
So today, you can imagine the surprise and instant fear when we realized that one of the chickens were out in the yard with the dog.

read on

Best Day!


This weekend we had amazing weather! The sun was shining (finally!) and it was really warm! This was a perfect opportunity to get the girls out to play! I also snapped some update photos of the coop.


Not too shabby huh? We had an electrician come out to give us a quote on what it would take to run electricity out to their coop as well as the detached garage. That will hopefully get done very soon!

I¬† can’t believe how relaxing it is just to sit outside with and watch these little girls fight over bugs and worms. We spent the entire day outside getting an early start on weeding flower beds and the garden.

For a quick-lunch break, I wanted to have something fresh and simple tasting. I had been planning on trying out a recipe from Iowa Girl Eats and this was the perfect opportunity!

Cantaloupe with Prosciutto and Cashews! No nose wrinkling! You have to try this before you can knock it.

I will be honest, if I try a recipe and I don’t love it, I don’t post it. I don’t want you to waste any more time or money into a recipe that doesn’t do it for me. So this recipe, as weird as the combo may seem was great. Actually, I¬†am planning on making it this summer for cookouts. The prosciutto is totally on top because I was afraid the cantaloupe would soften its crispness. My presentation isn’t perfect, I was too focused on wanting to get this made and get back outside!

So Iowa Girl Eats, has a super pretty picture of this same recipe. The only difference is that her Prosciutto doesn’t look like it was fried like mine. Oh and she has a fancy¬†melon baller. How do I not have one of these??? Fairy Godmother, I would like a melon baller…and a Vita Mixer stat!

Really? Me??


Have you ever been shocked when you got picked for something? So surprised that you had to do one of those quick glances around to make sure that person was really picking you? I had one of those days, twice in a week!

The Tragic Whale chose me for a Liebster Blog Award. First thought, Me? Really?? Second thought, THANKS! Third thought, what is a Liebster Blog Award?

So essentially a Liebster¬†(which means something like “favorite” or “dear”) is an award given to the appreciated¬†underdogs of the blog world. Those with around 200 (more or less) followers. A way of telling people who you are but then passing the torch to¬†five¬†blogging buddies whom you would like to give props to. (Did I get that right? I think so!)

I was then super surprised when 366 Days of Pinterest nominated me for the Liebster as well! What?!?! Talk about a motivating factor to keep blogging!

By the way, The Tragic Whale, is for sure someone to pop in on. She writes funny real-life based¬†comics (like ones that you can RELATE to) and she has an adorable Etsy¬†store! It’s a two-fer, and more.

366 Day of Pinterest may have made one of the smartest moves in the blog world! She blogs about different things that she has pinned on Pinterest and tried out at home! I think we might share a brain because she has already blogged about so many things that I have pinned and planned to try out for myself!

So who do I nominate for the Liebster Blog?

These five fabulous bloggers!

Martina in Jozi. She has the MOST inspirational bucket list!

Laura’s Recipe Journal. She¬†makes unique recipes that makes my mouth water.

¬†Sunday Crossbow. Although she may be a little more seasoned in blogging, I couldn’t pass up giving her props for her amazing taste in fashion. I love a lady that knows how to thrift!

The Cosy Creative. A lady with creativity all over the place!

Budget Cooking Blog. He is an amazing cook! Caution, your mouth will water!

Congrats to all, and thanks for being YOU!

Sweet Mother!!


Today is an insane day for me professionally! I’m busy out of town¬†doing something I’ve never done before. Training a group of others to do what I do. AH! I’m super excited but also super nervous. I hope I don’t say something stupid, like say “sex” instead of “six” or something. Hahahahaha. Although I strive to keep my job and blog separate, I just wanted you to know that I’m out there doing something totally new to me. Sorta the theme of my blog and all. I look forward to tonight when I can read up on what has been going on in blog world while I’ve been away.

Some days I wonder what people are doing to make their furniture look so bad! Is there a furniture abuse hotline?!?!

Please excuse the madness¬†going on behind the nightstand. We were in the process of getting ready to move, so odds and ends were being piled in the mud¬†room. This poor soul couldn’t come into my house until she got cleaned up. I bought her at a thrift store for $1.99. Although that was reasonable, her sister was $19.99 and in WORSE shape! WHAT??? Apparently because someone put a gross piece of dirty marble/granite something in the top that made it worth more? Don’t worry, I caved and bought her. Notice the ugly miss-matched piece of wood in the top of this one?? It didn’t stick around for long.

Little bit better right?? I still wasn’t happy with the top where I had¬†replaced the ugly wood and painted¬†a new insert. However it still wasn’t exactly right. I was glad because it made me really think and come up with something creative.

Isn’t this SO MUCH FUN!?!? I mean seriously, I reinvented two sad, beat up, ready for the dumpster night stands for no more than $30.00. I’m so proud of them! The pictures¬†are¬†safely¬†covered in a plexiglass cover. I cut that stuff myself and it was TOUGH. One of these days, if anything happens to the plexiglass, I will have regular glass cut for them.¬† For right now, they are absolutely perfect.

What do you think?