Back at it.


Well the New Year is here. Did you make a resolution? Have you kept it? I’ve really not been much of a resolution person in the past, but between the family being sick, being busy with the holidays, eating too much “comfort food,” I used the New Year to get back into my fitness routines.
These helped too…

This, although it is super beautiful, did not…

The good news is, my gym is pretty close so I can cruise on over there until it’s not so chilly! Also there is always sled riding for some physical activity!
If you play outside, be sure to make this dish for when you come back in. Spicy Chicken Stew!


I pinned this recipe from Pinterest. This stew was different for me because there are no beans, noodles or even rice involved. I enjoyed all of the veggies and chunks of potato and chicken.

Silly me, I neglected a few things when I mad this dish. For starters, it’s made for the crock pot! Duh! Talk about making easy things difficult. Because I forgot this, I made it on the stove top. While the veggies were softening in a large soup pot, I boiled and then shredded my chicken in another pot and then put it all together.

Speaking of chicken, I also missed that the recipe called for thigh meat as well. Because I felt I was a little short on meat, I added in some leftover rotissery chicken I had in the fridge. To be honest, I didn’t think the stew was really spicy, in case you’re worried. Also if you like heat, you might want to add a hotter salsa, more chili powder or even chopped up Jalepeño. Regardless, I thought this stew was hearty and flavorful. Oh and it comes in at about 350 calories per serving, perfect for the New Year!

This Spicy Chicken Stew recipe was published in an All You magazine in March 2006 and can be found on the web here.

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    • I’ve never had “loud” shoes before these but I’ve been seeing all kinds of wild colors at the gym and just knew I had to get a pair too! I almost feel that I should break out my New Kids on the Block t-shirt to wear with them. Thanks for stopping by:)!

  1. Here in Chicago, we have been having one of the mildest winters ever. It has only snowed twice and both times it has been just a sprinkling.

    I bought myself new running shoes just before the holidays and made the mistake of wearing them while picking up dog poop in the backyard. Whoops!

    Anyway, Happy New Year and stay warm!

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