Egg-tastic Dinner


It may not be fancy, but when it comes to flavor, this can hang with the best! My husband was so pleased with this meal, he asked if we could please have this again soon (before we were even done eating). Trying to keep up with the chickens and their egg production, we will being have this again for sure. Speaking of the chickens, we have started quite the bartering system with their eggs. So far we have traded for homemade noodles, homemade applesauce and goose breasts (which I have never had nor know how to cook).

I had seen those flat breads at the grocery forever and had been interested in trying them out, but I held off until I could think of some use for them outside of pizza.
Here is what you’ll need for this dish:
flat bread (I used one for two people)
tomato, chopped
center cut bacon
salt and pepper

1. Start by frying your bacon until it is thoroughly cooked.
2. While bacon is cooking, mash avocado (I used a little over half to serve two people). Stir in chopped tomato (I used about 1/3 cup of a large tomato). Add a squeeze of lime juice from 1/4th lime. Add salt to taste (I went easy since I was adding bacon to this sandwich.)

3. Fry eggs over easy, in a lightly oiled skillet (salt or pepper optional on eggs). While cooking eggs, toast flatbread with provolone on top until cheese melts.
4. Once cheese on flatbread is melty, top with bacon.

5. Top with avocado mix.

6. Top with eggs.



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