Birthday Fun


You know your birthday has been fun when your ready for the Monday routine of a salad and a long run to return. Until then, I’m enjoying every moment although I might only fit into sweat pants. So what have I been up to? Well I’ll show you and you can tell me if you see any patterns.

Pumpkin Chili! Send me a link if you know a good recipe for this! It was fantastic!

Pumpkin Fudge! Just a tiny pinch of this and your taste buds will love you.

Pumpkin Doughnut! This may have been at the top of my list next to the pumpkin cheesecake that didn’t last long enough for a picture. I will never try to make my own pumpkin doughnut because you can’t beat perfection!

Pumpkin Latte, if you never have had this, go now! Have you seen Starbuck’s new coffee makers?? I so want one!!! Bad!

Wine tasting! This was a blast!

Poblano and Goat Cheese Bacon Burger! Holy cow, this is one of the best burgers I’ve ever had! The bacon had a thick maple glaze which gave the burger an awesome combo of sweet and salty! I look forward to trying to make something like this at the lake next summer!

Costume shopping, yes hanging out my kids made my day! He passed up the angry bird costume however to be this character instead!
In case your worried about me having sugar intoxication, I’ll be honest enough to say that I’ve enjoyed some of these treats over the past few days, but I probably have had more junk than any one person should have!
So how shall I repent?

WHAT THE WHAT!! I’m so jacked up excited to try this out!!! It took everything out of me to not buy every bottle on the shelf!! at only 40 calories per serving…I probably should have! By the way, I found this lovely at Walmart! I’ll be sure to blog a little salad idea I have in place for this gem!
Thank you to all of those who contributed all of the fun I’ve had over the last few days!!

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