Amazing Quiche


Finally, I found a recipe that will help me with my current abundance of eggs!


When I found this recipe on Pinterest I was drawn in by the variety of veggies (and bacon!), and SOLD when I realized that 1/6 of the entire dish comes in at around 200 calories! I’ve only made quiche a few times in the past, but after this time, I’m excited to start playing around with different combinations of add-ins. I also want to try to make a few to freeze for when the egg laying starts slowing down. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like the last more than a month (or two???) in the freezer.
There are a few things I did with this recipe that may not be necessary but I thought we worth mentioning :).



Change #1: I drained the moisture off the steamed broccoli and juice from the chopped tomato because it just seemed right?

Change #2: I sautéed the mushrooms with the onion.
Change #3: I used a pizza seasoning blend, a tiny bit of ground red pepper and salt and pepper for my seasonings.
This recipe was easy to follow and super tasty. My husband even commented that he felt it was very filling! Enjoy!
Original recipe can be found at Also if you are living a low carb lifestyle, she has a bunch of great recipes to brows!



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