Best Fall Salad


A couple weeks back I had a meeting over the lunch hour. This is not unusual, but when the big wigs of the community are also invited, they typically become catered lunches. Typically those lunches are good. This one was pizza. *sigh* Not that I don’t want to stuff extra slices down my bra like pizza, but sometimes I can eat a slice or two too many. To my surprise the pizza (Donatos) came with an awesome salad! They called this salad the Chicken Harvest Salad and it came with an Apple Vinaigrette Dressing made Marzetti.
I just had to re-create this salad at home, so I did.

Yummy, yummy, yummy! This salad was so good! I didn’t see an apple vinaigrette at the store, plus I know I like to make my own dressing as do some of my readers so with a little research I found this recipe at Disney’s Whispering Canyon Cafe!



After allowing this dressing to chill, it had a light apple flavor. In the future I want to play with this dressing by maybe adding more apple flavors, less oil and maybe some honey, maybe some cinnamon? But as it was, it was great for this salad!

It just so happened that I had recently pinned a recipe for Crockpot Beer Chicken I knew it would be perfect for my salad!

This chicken was so moist when it was cooked and it fell apart. It would make the perfect start to any shredded chicken sandwich. In fact, I wonder how pork would do??

Although I used this blogger’s (My Dailey Dish) concept I did add my own spices and really didn’t measure.
I used:
frozen chicken breast (boneless/skinless)
1 bottle of beer
few sprigs of thyme
garlic powder
1. Throw all the ingredients in your crockpot, yes even the chicken still frozen and cook on low until chicken is fully cooked.
2. Pull chicken out and shred on a plate. Amazingly good! See beer does make everything better! But if you don’t drink, or if you are allergic to alcohol like my bubble child friend, they say cola works too. Google it.

Ok so we have covered the two main ingredients to this salad so far. However to make this an awesome harvest salad I also added:
apples (don’t cut until right before serving because they brown, or else you’ll have to spritz them with lemon or sprite or something.
dried cherries (because the rock next to the dried cranberry)
Gorgonzola cheese (because I like it more than blue cheese)
bacon (because it makes everything taste better)
pecans (walnuts would rock too!) you could do candied or honey roasted but I went al natural
romaine chopped

All I can say is yummy! If you have a favorite dressing or fall salad, feel free to add links to it in my comment section!

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