Cauliflower Pizza Crust


Anymore, people seem to be avoiding flour like its a plague. For some, who can’t have gluten, it might be like a plague 🙂 Although I don’t avoid it entirely, I have tried to scale it back…some. For years I have heard of the idea of substituting cauliflower for traditional pizza crust. Finally it was this post,that made me decide to try it out. She did not steer me wrong.


Doesn’t it look amazing! I was shocked at how good this was! In fact, I was worried that it would be gross so I made my husband something totally different just incase it was failure. Next time (and there will be a next time) I was be sure to make him one too. Honestly, I think next time I will skip the toppings part and have these as “bread sticks” and dip them in marinara. Or a Mexican pizza? The possibilities are endless! I was also impressed with how filling this pizza was.
Of course there was few things I tweaked from this recipe.

For my cheese in the crust I used 3/4 cup mozzarella and 5 tablespoons parmesan. *If following a gluten-free diet, make sure you use cheese that is GF, most pre-shredded cheese are NOT GF! That is how they keep the pieces from sticking together. Most REAL cheese (typically near the deli section) is GF and you’ll probably have to shred it yourself. Always, always check your labels!

I also used this fun seasoning grinder for all of my seasoning needs. *If GF make sure your seasonings are GF (some season mixes are not!) Check your labels!


Be sure to oil your pan well! Maybe consider parchment? Will that help the cheese not stick? I didn’t have problems on the bottom, however some did try to stick to e edge of the pan. Also I flipped mine at the end of the cooking time. They were super white and not crust looking so I topped this side and the edges cooked up nicely. I will cook both side if I do make bread sticks. Does anyone else do that? Also don’t worry if your mix seems slightly crumbly, I just got mine close enough together that the cheese took care of the rest.

I also just added some odds and ends to top this pizza which turned out great. They included rotisserie chicken, bacon, few pieces of tomato, cheese and some fresh avocado when it was done cooking!

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  1. This is so very timely. I have so many customer who are gluten intolerant and I have been trying to devise recipes that mimic some favorite foods. I would love to incorporate this idea, if it is okay with you. XXOO Chef Emil aka The Tin Man

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  4. Ginger, I reposted on my blog “Weight loss after 50” with credits to you, of course. great idea. love the gluten free lo carb stuff

    • That is great! I just feel I should note to make sure you are using GF cheese (real cheese normally is GF/pre-shredded is normally NOT GF (that is how they keep it from sticking together) also some premixed seasoning may not be GF. Always check the lables! Enjoy!!

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