Three Years Later


So years ago, three actually, I ripped this recipe out of a magazine to save in my recipe book. Clearly, this was before I had ever met the totally addicting Pinterest! I kept this recipe with intent of making it for a friend’s birthday! I did not intend for it to take three years.

The wait, although unnecessary, may have been worth it!


Nutter Butter Banana Pudding Trifle!
This recipe is pretty easy to follow, and be found here. There are a few “things” about this recipe I feel compelled to point out.
Don’t be fooled into thinking this recipe makes a huge pitcher of pudding…

Their beautiful heaping pitcher. Is it just me? That does look large and heaping to you right?

My reality….AHAHAHAHAHAH!! Insert favorite cuss words here, here and here. I’m pretty sure a few were said so it only seems appropriate. I wanted to cry and leave the kitchen when I realized I had been a little over optimistic in the power of two boxes of pudding. Fortunately, I got creative instead. Even more fortunate, I had more boxes of pudding!

I also used mini Nutter Butter bites instead of breaking up cookies. What someone also failed to mention was how freaking awesome the cookies taste when they have time to hang out with the pudding! I was worried they would taste soggy but the tasted like crumbly graham cracker, peanut butter heaven! If someone did say they were good, they should have used the terms “freaking awesome.”


I used the shortcut version listed in the recipe for more than one reason. One is that I get nervous making desserts for others. Desserts are tough for me and I have failed more than once and it makes me crazy. Short trip, I know. The other reason was that some people had mentioned having trouble getting their from scratch recipe to thicken up. Since I’m no pudding master, I immediate opted for the version people said turned out great for them!

The extra pudding that I did have turned out to be sugar-free. I actually used less milk and more pudding in the additional batch and it thickened up even better. I think this dish has lots of potential to be made lighter. Maybe in three years!


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