Got to Love This!


I love the blog world. I love Pinterest. Negative comments have been made that Pinterest is a fantasy world and that people will never actually use what the pin. What?!? I beg to differ.


Yes it is bread. Blueberry bread nonetheless, but the party doesn’t stop there! This bread has avocado, zucchini and a banana in it, on top of the blueberries!! Oh, and it is pretty low in sugar too!! Best part? I have to give you two parts. It tastes fabulous and there is only 107 calories a slice! I was leery when I first made it because sometime I don’t feel like bread is exactly filling. Not this bread. In fact it is super dense and heavy. I had two pieces I was carrying and felt slightly guilty until I remembered what all was in it!




I followed the recipe for this recipe exactly as it was written, with the exception of the blueberries. I’m not sure what the actual serving size was for the carton of blueberries I have in the picture above but I threw them all in. I finished ever last piece of the first loaf (it was actually breakfast and lunch one day). Just made a second loaf yesterday.
My only recommendation is to make sure you cook it through. I had to adjust my rack in the oven because it was cooked nicely on the top but not quiet done on the inside. After moving it down it turned out perfect!


Please visit Peanut Butter and Peppers for this amazing recipe!

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