Sugar Overload!


My little girl is turning 7!

To celebrate her wonderful day, we had a Hello Kitty party!


Of course Angry Birds made an appearance in the Funfetti Dip. The recipe for this yummy dip can be found here.


Of course the Strawberry Sundae Cupcakes made an appearance. I also made Funfetti Cookie Cupcakes by substituting the strawberry cake mix for the funfetti cake mix. The recipe to make these cupcakes can be found here.
I think the real crowd pleaser however were these….



Nutter Butter Cookie Balls!
I know right! They were so good and only require a few simple ingredients.
I found the recipe from Kraft, which can be found here. I mad a few modifications to my cookie balls. I used crunchy peanut butter instead of creamy and I used the entire package of cookies (except for the 2 1 I ate) in the mixture. Obviously I also did sprinkles instead of cookie pieces on top!
When you are making these balls, roll them out fairly small, I was surprised how much bigger they are when you roll them in the white chocolate. Also the simplest and possibly cheapest chocolate I’ve used for roll these in are the microwaveable Kroger brand found in the baking section.

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