Let them Eat Birthday Cake!


Or more appropriately…Birthday Pancakes!!
Next weekend we are celebrating my daughter’s birthday! I decided a long time ago that I had to make her these pancakes for her special day! I decided however to do birthday breakfast this weekend so that she doesn’t barf at the end of the night next weekend due to sugar overload! No one wants to be a birthday barfer.
It also just so happened that my husband was under the weather all weekend so I had play time in the kitchen. (he thinks he is dying, I’m sure he will be just fine). 😉
Have you seen the greek yogurt + any cake mix combos that are lurking out there? The first time I saw it was on 366 Days of Pinterest. Lately I’ve seen them everywhere an it too was a recipe I wanted to try. So I did…


Red Velvet Cupcakes! Awwww buddy!! I bought my grandma a red velvet cake once. An entire cake for a lady who lived alone. I was sure glad when she cut me a big slice to eat with her! You’ve got love grandmas…and cake. 🙂
So I knew I wanted to make these cupcakes but I also was making the batter so that I could see if I could use Greek yogurt in lieu of eggs and oil in the pancakes shown above. Great idea huh!? Well they failed…miserably. The burnt on the outside way too easy. I tried like five times. Burnt. Brunt. Burnt. You get the picture. I even tried modifying the recipe but it was no use.
So I used the recipe from little bitty bakes. Obviously they turned out much better! Two problems I ran into were that the batter doesn’t spread like my pancake batter normally does. Second, again you have to cook them low and slow. But of course they were yummy once they were done. Not that I ate them…
The glaze and frosting-ish glaze were my idea.
You will need:
4oz cream cheese, room temperature
3-4 tbsp milk
5-6 tbsp powdered sugar
(I would consider adding some vanilla extract, I didn’t have any at the time (I know!)
Beat all three ingredients. If mix is too thick, add more milk. Too thin or not sweet enough, add more sugar.
For the frosting-glaze on the cupcakes, I add more sugar until it was thicker, around a cup worth. Just add 1/4 cup at a time until you are happy with it. I will definitely be making these cupcakes again but with Spice Cake and the Glaze Frosting!


To get the recipe for the pancakes (the ones that turned out pretty above!) go to little bitty bakes by Clicking Here.

To get to the Greek Yogurt + Cake Mix recipe go to 366 Days of Pinterest by Clicking Here.

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