Pizza Rolls!


Can you smell it? Fall is near. Not too near, but close enough that my stomach is remembering pumpkin lattes and football parties. Yes, the time where grown men cry because their favorite team lost. Ok not every man, but you know, that guy who gets a little…intense at the party. If that is you, that’s ok, just blame it on the booze and your friends will forgive you in the morning. 😉

So where am I going with this?



Homemade Pizza Rolls!!

These take me back to being young! I loved pizza rolls. Now that I know they are terrible for you, I don’t buy them because I feel too guilty. These homemade rolls took no time at all to whip up and would be manageable even with a large group.

Here is all you need:
Wonton wrappers
Mozzarella cheese, shredded
Pepperoni, cut very small (I used turkey)
Pizza sauce
Cooking spray

1. Preheat oven to 400. Dollop a tiny bit of sauce into the center of your wonton. Don’t go overboard or it will ooze everywhere.

2. Top with pepperoni.

3. Add cheese.

4. Dip you finger in water and run your wet finger around edge of open wonton. Fold wonton in half pressing down slightly along the edges. Place wonton on sprayed cookie sheet.
5. *So important! Spray top of wonton with cooking spray so that it gets a golden brown! Bake in oven for 8-10 minutes!

You could also do some with mushroom or just cheese for the vegetarians! You could even make these ahead of time, store them in the fridge and spray with cooking oil right before you put them in the oven!

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