Ever have that feeling that someone is watching you?? Someone knows your every move? Even when you try to ignore it, before it is over, they are in you head?

I might have that problem.

Here is my evidence.

Exhibit A: The Pacer






This reminds me of a guard pacing in front of a prison door.

Exhibit B: Eye in the Sky






I took these photos over my shoulder. Everytime I tried to turn around to take their pictures, they would scatter.

This is the everyday behavior of my chickens. Clearly the white one is the most insane one and my best buddy. She keeps an eye on me all the time. The other bizarre thing about my chickens? All six use the same nesting box to lay their eggs. Literally one right after the other first thing in the morning.

I got to say, I love those nut bags.

It is only fair after all that chicken love that I share a vegetarian dish!


Watermelon Salad!!!
What a great way to fancy up watermelon! So I had no idea there was yellow watermelon until recently! I had bought a whole red watermelon and thought I bought two (ridiculously cheap) large containers of pineapple (that cheap should have been a clue…I know). Nope they were yellow watermelon chunks. Clearly I had to get creative to get though all that watermelon. Fortunately, I came across The Forest Feast and she gave me a great idea on how to make this salad.

Here is what I used:
Watermelon chunks
Olive oil
Sea salt

In a bowl combine fruit, cheese and basil and mint based on your preference. Drizzle with olive oil and honey and a little sprinkle of salt. Serve!
My creation was made completely on what I had available. I would check out The Forest Feast for a different version of this salad. Also just because her blog pretty much rocks.

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  1. That is so funny!! šŸ™‚ The watermelon salad looks great! I did know there was yellow watermelon, but I don’t think I have ever had any!

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