It’s Giveaway Time!!


Hello Friends! Have I got some great news for you!! …so I did it myself is having its first Giveaway!!

SlimKicker is hosting this giveaway. What is SlimKicker, you ask? I’m glad that you did. SlimKicker is a cool (FREE!) website/app that provides you with tools to not only lose weight, but to get healthy along the way. At SlimKicker you can  track your  diet, fitnes and  overall progress. What I personally like about their site? They make if fun! SlimKicker is designed as a game, complete with level-ups, points, rewards and challenges. They also have recipe ideas for many different diets as well!

So what is the giveaway??

A slow cooker! More specifically a Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Cooker and Steamer that can be seen here. Do you know how jealous I am of the to be announced winner?? I so need this right now!

So what do you have to win? Simply think of a fun, creative fitness or diet challenge that you think people should try. An example would be giving soda up for a week. Comment on this post about what your idea is and SlimKicker will pick the one they like best! The winner will be announced on my blog a week from today!

If you decide to give SlimKicker a shot let me know!

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  1. Give up all refined sugar for 2 weeks, and limit carbs. Also take a daily walk to clear you head and get your 30 minutes of cardio in for the day!!! Great giveaway~~

  2. Add a veggie or fruit to every meal to begin crowding out the other stuff. Increase after you get used to it to 2 veggies each meal.

  3. In the afternoons replace your afternoon soda or coffee with ten minutes of yoga or mediatating and a green smoothie of your choice. My favorite is apple, banana, and spinach with some water. Not only will you have a cleared head and spirit you will also digest one of the super foods which is great for your skin and hair!

  4. I will give up soda and replace it with tea, I will start running and want to participate in a ten mile trail run

  5. How about planning a party using only healthy recipes? From main course to dessert and NOT tell anyone invited they are eating healthy until the very end? Imagine the surprise and it may even encourage your closest family and friends to start eating a healthy as well!

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  9. Plan out all your healthy snacks for the week on Sunday. Measure the appropriate portion or calorie amount of your snacks and then put them in mini ziploc bags. That way you will not mindlessly snack after work or before dinner. Once your baggie is empty, your sncking is finished.

  10. Plan out your healthy snacks for the week on Sunday. Fill ziploc bags with the appropriate portion or calorie count of your favorite healthy snacks. After work or before a workout, enjoy your “just right” portion sized snack. No more mindless snacking – when the ziploc is empty the snacking is over! Making your own snack packs is also budget friendly as well.

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