A Keeper


I’m proud to announce that tomorrow I’m hosting my first ever giveaway! Please check in for your chance to win! If you have a friend who either enjoys cooking, or is interest in weight loss, or they just like to try to win things, tell them to stop by! 🙂
For today however, let’s talk about this yummy dish!!

Cheesy Pepper Jack Polenta, Bacon and Egg!
We have spent a lot of time lately on mini vacations. I wasn’t exactly the best eater either! So when I came home, I was looking forward to getting back into kitchen.

Oh and totally off topic, however I was super excited about my kitchen because we did a little more updating. For some other before and after click here.
These are the updates we had done over the past week.

The old dinning room ceiling fan is now….


So new!

Also we replaced the filthy, gross, broken track lighting with something a little more fresh…



Pretty cool huh?
Ok, on with that recipe!

Here is what you’ll need:
1 pound bacon
3 cups milk (I used unsweetened almond milk)
3 cups water (or you can use all milk/all water and use 6 cups of either)
1 13.2 oz box of quick cooking polenta
1 cup frozen corn, thawed
1 to 1 and 1/2 cups of shredded jack cheese (I recommend a good quality cheese that you grate yourself) Check for GF if you are on a GF diet.
eggs (2 per person)
avocado, diced

1. Combine milk and water in a pot, add in some salt and bring up to a boil. Mix in polenta and stir until done. Mine said it would be ready in five minutes but I don’t even think I took that long. Take off heat and cover to keep warm.
2. In a large skillet cook bacon. When all bacon is cooked discard majority of grease but don’t clean.
3. Toss corn into skillet and allow it to heat up and toss around in pan.
4. Add corn and 1 cup pepper jack cheese to polenta, stir.
5. Heat skillet back up and fry eggs over easy.

Add polenta to a bowl (this was way too much for me!)

Add bacon and avocado.

Top with egg! Dig in!!

Don’t forget to check in tomorrow!!

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