A Perfect Summer Day!


This may be short and sweet because I’m busy enjoying yet another perfect day! However, I just had to share another popper recipe, because….well let’s be honest, poppers rock! Especially these!


I got these Jalepeños at a one of my favorite roadside stands. What makes me super happy is that I had the right mind to buy enough for two nights worth!
Before we got to enjoy these yummy poppers however, earlier in the day, we had the perfect breakfast!

Naturally, those eggs are from my chickens!! We were lucky to have this view all day too!


So here is the super simple recipe for a perfect grilled popper!
You will need:
Cream cheese, softened to room temperature
Cheddar cheese
And most importantly, gloves!

Always take care when seeding Jalepeños. One time my husband went to dump the scraps off my cutting board into our compost and you can imagine the surprise he got when wiped his eyes with the same hand he used to wipe the seeds off the board!



Wash Jalepeños and remove stem area. Scrape seeds and ribs of Jalepeño out through hole.

2. Combine cream cheese and cheddar in a bowl. I used about 4 ounces cream cheese and 1/3 cup cheddar for twelve large Jalepeños. Carefully spoon small quantities of mixture into Jalepeño until full.

3. Wrap Jalepeño with bacon and secure with a toothpick. We used 1/2 slice per Jalepeño and wrapped over hole to help keep cheese from melting out.


4. Grill on greased surface. We used a metal grill pan. Make sure to fully cook bacon.


Serve! I’m seriously off to make another batch! Hope you enjoy!!

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