How are you! I’ve missed you so much! The family and I snuck off for an island getaway to this lovely place…

It is actually Kelly’s Island! If you are unaware of where that is, it is a little island in Lake Erie. I highly recommend a weekend visit! We ended up camping up there for six nights and still felt like we didn’t get to do a few things we would have liked to do. In the mornings, I rode my bike around the entire edge of the island. I was constantly torn by checking out all the houses and looking at the water. One time I may have ridden off the side of the road into the grass because I was caught up in sight-seeing. Don’t worry no one saw me! HAHAHA!!

At our campsite, I was surprised by what I found on the treeline of our campsite.


Lucky for me, I had packed some Greek yogurt so a few mornings I picked some of the berries and tossed them together!  We were even able to take our dog camping with us.

She loved swimming! I’m pretty sure she is part fish. We had to keep her on a rope because she would try to swim out to boats in the water. Actually, I’m not sure where she would have ended up if we would have let her keep going. Sadie was enjoying herself perhaps a little too much. Whenever we left her in the camper this is what would happen…

Such a priss! She knows she isn’t supposed to be on the furniture and yet as soon as I’d walk out I could hear here jumping up on stuff. So I would go back in and she would look at me like she had no idea what the problem was!So vacation was great! However when we came home…not so great! We got hit hard in our area with a storm the night that we left for the island. Lots of damage and lots of people without power. Did I tell you it has been riding stead around 90-100 degress where we live? We invited whoever needed a place to stay or any other uses access to our house. When we got back, home was a little busier than normal. Even though we had been gone for 6 days, there was still lots of people without power! I’m glad we had it, and that we could help out. Things were made really hectic though because our renters moved out of our rental and they left it a mess!! AHHHHH!!! So my husband has been working over there since we got back and today I’m headed over to paint and clean. It was ridiculous! Did you know cobwebs can turn black if you leave them long enough??? Bleck! I know some awesome people that do a great job taking care as a renter. It wasn’t these people! It breaks my heart because it was our first house and we LOVE that house, just too small for our family. Oh well! I could sit here and cry (literally) about it, but I’ve got an audiobook downloaded, Starbucks in hand and a day of burning calories ahead of me!!

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  1. This looks like a great place! Where on Lake Erie is it? We are about 2 hours from erie (in PA) – looks like it would be agreat place to take the kids!

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