Can You Hear That?


My house is completely quiet at the moment! Actually, it will be this way for the next few hours and I’m going to enjoy every second of it! My husband is on his summer break from work. Just finished Friday. Since then we have had a fun filled weekend! I realized this weekend, I desperately want an i-phone, because there were so many things I would have loved to share (good) pictures of with you!
Until then, I will share a few random thoughts and pictures I’ve been wanting to share!

Let’s start with breakfast! I’ll be honest, I haven’t been the best eater over the weekend. I may have over indulged here and there. I don’t really feel guilty about it because for the past few months I’ve been working my butt off and I feel that sometimes you should enjoy yourself, just not all the time! So today was a back on track day for me and it started out with old fashioned oats, blueberries, pecans and just a tiny bit of brown sugar! If you make this for breakfast, I recommend using almond milk in lieu of water. Your oats will be creamy that way. It is delicious.
Since I was home alone, and I was going to let the chickens out, I decided to make them a dish of oats too!

They love blueberries and really any type of grain! I omitted the sugar and nuts in their bowl and added a banana instead! Does anyone else have chickens? If so, do you know what the heck they are doing when they poof their feathers up and then sprawl out on the ground? Mine always do this in our flower bed. At first, I thought it was dead but was relieved to figure out it wasn’t. I’m guess they are just relaxing, but just wanted to check. I tried to get a picture of them doing it but of course that would be too easy! For now I will just assume it is their yoga “corpse pose”.
Also this weekend, I got a pedicure. Doesn’t happen very often for me but with all the exercising I’ve been doing lately they really needed a little TLC. Since I don’t get pedicures often, when I do get pedicures I always think of Dumb and Dumber when they go to the spa. I can only hope that is NOT what the lady thinks of when she sees my feet, but I can’t say I blame her if she does :/.
Either way they are now beauty-fied.

I love the black tip pedicure! Next time I think I’m going to ask them to add a tiny pink stripe underneath!
Yesterday we went supply shopping for some upcoming camping trips. I’ve really been needing/wanting some new exercise clothes for several reasons and it just so happened Dick’s was a good place for finding both camping and exercise apperal! Here is my rant as to why I needed new exercise clothes:
1. The gym I go has NO air conditioning! A lot of people groan when they hear this. I know I sound crazy, but I kinda like it! I feel like when I start sweating it is so much easier for me to get past that wall. Do you have a wall? You know that place in the beginning when you’re not quite into your work out but then all the sudden you start sweating and you’re in your zone?
2. All my work out clothes are either fairly long capris or pants. If you can figure out why that would be an issue, see 1.
3. I’ve lost a few winter pounds and my pants are a little stretched out! Plus I lost a few pounds and I want to celebrate it!
4. I knew I had been eating crappy all weekend and felt some fresh (tighter clothes) might help me get back on track!
5. I was in a STORE so of course I needed this stuff right?!? 🙂
So while being at Dick’s to buy a crap load of camping stuff, my husband unleashed me on the clothing department! I wanted to make sure things fit right, and I can’t tell you the last time I bought this stuff so I tried everything on. This may have slightly annoyed my husband who hates shopping ;). I was really frustrated when I tried on the clothes! Everything looked like sh crap! I finally found a few items I could live with and got them.
After everyone left this morning I tried them on and smiled.

I’m super happy with the way they look! In fact, I want more now! I think between them not being stretched out spandex and Dick’s sucky mirrors I was misguided on how they really looked! Also I just had to post this picture for what is behind me. I didn’t notice it at the time. Do you see the weights on the floor and the books? Yeah thoses are cook books. Am I completly weird or does anyone else read recipes while they work out? I’m going to just assume I’m weird for now…

Also, if you are a local looking for a gym, I highly suggest the one I go to. They are amazing women who not only have a passion for what they do, but both have had extreme weightloss success that they accomplished the old fashion way. And did I mention they are super-duper fun? Also if you know anyone local looking for a place you have my recommendation!
If you’re not local, I suggest visit gyms until you find one that fits you. Bigger is not always better and neither is cheaper. Maybe ask to see if you can do a couple trial visits before you make a commitment.  They may give them to you free or at a small fee. Knowing how I normally am, I would have thought I would want a place were I could just go and do my thing and not be bothered. Turnes out I really enjoy classes where you are engaged with your group while you work out. A great free tool I use to monitor how I’m doing as well as my eatting habits is Sparkpeople.
Happy summer day!

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  1. Your chickens are “bathing” when the poof out their feathers and dust themselves with dirt. It is a way of removing and mites and other vectors and removing old skin, feathers and the like. I love chickens! Mine are about old enough to start laying. (aka Tin Man)

    • Ohhhh! Ok! They do that in their run too and I figured that was them dusting, they just look so dead at times when they do it in our flower beds! I’m going to get a picture one day! Do you have all hens? I’m 99.9 percent sure we do except one has taken on the dominant role for sure. Not too bad just a little bossy. The others always clean her when she is dusting. Diva. Our should be laying soon too!!!

      • Yes, we have all hens. We had two roosters in the bunch but gave them to a nearby farmyard so they could run free. I love your description of the Diva Hen. I know there is a great blog post coming from that some day!

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