Brace Yourself


Ok, so do you remember a few weeks ago when I said I had that amazing crêpe at the farmer’s market? You know the one that was super wonderful and to my belly worth every penny of the $7.50 it cost??


Well thanks to a good friend of mine, my belly can continue to love the lovely taste minus the cost!!


My friend nonchalantly mentioned to me that her family has been making crêpes, oh you know, FOREVER. Fortunately, she was kind enough to teach me, and when I say teach me, she poured batter into the pan and LEFT ME, while she went to the “bathroom.” I’m on to you and your tricks!

Kidding she was a wonderful teacher!!!!! And the crêpes we made that night were perrrrrfect.

What I’m going to show you, is my curiosity of knowing what a few modifications to her original recipe will do. Don’t worry I’ll fill you in on the originals too.


This recipe will serve around 4 people, more or less depending on how hungry you are!

Here is what you need:
2 cups flour
2 eggs
1/8 cup of sugar (optional, and I opted)
about a tbsp (or less) oil
milk (she uses nothing less than 2%), I tried it out with unsweetened vanilla almond milk
cinnamon to taste (optional)

Guess what I got so that I could make this recipe perrrrrrfectly?


A new little hand mixer and a flat flexible spatula!

So what you’ll want to do:
1. Beat together eggs, sugar, cinnamon and flour just to get them moving.
2. Slowly stream in milk while beating. I didn’t specify amount because I really don’t know. You will be looking for your batter to be soupy and bubbly.
3. Yes bubbly, see?

How will you know if yours is bubbly enough? First assume that it isn’t. Second, prepare to have the first crêpe turn out like crap. Mine actually took the first two!
4. Heat a skillet around medium high and consider turning heat down a little when things get moving.
5. Add a bit of oil, you might want to CAREFULLY wipe out excess with a paper towel.
6. Preparing to move quickly, pour a little less than 1/2 a cup into your pan and move pan so that batter spreads out into a large circle. Your batter should be very thin in the pan. If your batter poured thick and slow to move, mix in more milk to the bowl of batter . If it looked too soupy and didn’t hold up, add more flour.
7. When you see batter begins to get bubbly (like a pancake), flip. Heat until crêpe appears cooked on both sides.
8. Continue process using all batter.
9. Stuff with favorite fillings and serve!!


My husband was leery when I was making these. He LOVED them when we finally ate them. Having tried two different types of milk, I will say they were slightly different in texture but both were wonderful! Also these are deceiving because 2-3 is very filling. These are perfect for a big family breakfast (or dinner:) ). In reality they are inexpensive to make but present super fancy! More versions of these will be making blog appearances!

Hope you try them out!!

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