Snacky Snack


I’ve had an awful day. Not gonna lie. Normally I can tell how my day is going to go even before I leave the house and today was no exception. Do you find yourself over snacking when you’re frustrated? If so, I feel your pain. If you’re one of those, “I lose 20 pounds when I’m stressed”…well now is not the time to mention that. Mmmkay?
I was going to skip blogging today, however I thought I’d do the whole life-lemons-lemonade thing and blog about some snacks you can tear into without too much regret when your rational thinking kicks back in :).
By the way, both these snacks are easy peasy!


I love popcorn. I bought an air popper once. It was $10.00. Terrible. Machine. My favorite way is cooking popcorn on the stove with oil. My parents probably hate it. When I was young, the babysitter caught the pan on fire and burned a bunch of holes in the floor. (Envision popcorn pieces on fire flying out of the pan.) Try covering that boo-boo with a rug! So fast forward to today’s snack. 1/2 cup popcorn kernels and a paper bag? Where were you twenty ten years ago?? How did I not know this???


Ok super simple and you’ll hate yourself for wasting money on bagged popcorn that has a bunch of funky stuff in it! Simply add kernels to paper bag, fold top over twice and cook in microwave for 2 1/2-3 minutes or until popping slows. Flavor it however you like!! Made about 10 cups.

Popcorn idea thanks to 366 of Pinterest.

Another snack? Something sweet?



I thought this treat was too adorable not to try!
Simply edge a cake cone in flavored Greek yogurt, I drizzled a little on the inside too. Deck out in sprinkles or nuts. Freeze for about an hour. Fill with pudding cup. Serve! I loved the tart of the yogurt matching up against the sweetness of the pudding. A great alternative filler would be my banana ice cream!

Cone recipe from Undressed Skeleton.

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  1. Sorry you had a bad day … I’ve kinda had a bad week, and kudos to you for still posting! I decided to skip today … bad me! I’m totally a stress eater too, so I feel your pain. And btw .. that measuring cup is too cute!!

  2. Just a paper bag and popcorn kernels? Say what?! How did I not know that was all I needed. Thanks for sharing that … even during an “Eeyore” moment. ;D I don’t get the guys and gals who lose weight while stressed either, if only that were me.

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