Lesson Learned


For the last few weekends, I have been traveling all over the place. I guess I’ve learned a thing or two while I was out. Today, I have the best visuals to share with your kids as to why they shouldn’t put things in their mouth.



Not only do you not know whose germs may be on it…..



You never know where they might have put that thing!

Tell me that’s not funny!!

So this weekend, I had the best time visiting family in Dayton, Ohio. We visited tons of places including a fantastic market and a farm. Clearly the farm had some comical animals. I will save you from meeting the goat that pees at people when they get near his fence.

At the farmers market, I made out on some great produce and some other quality products. The best part of the market? Breakfast!



How have I lived without trying crêpes for so long! If you have not yet tried this awesomeness, I insist that you do! Also if you already make crêpes, I’d love to hear about your process.

I have some great dishes to share with you from my bounty I brought back from the market. Until then I share with you a cute (and tasty) idea I found on Pinterest. It is so easy you don’t need directions. It is one of those, why didn’t I think of that, moments.


White chocolate raspberry bites! My pin linked back to veryculinary.com. Woot woot!

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