Good to be Home


I’m finally back home! The clinic I went to was intense, long hours! I started to miss my family, home cooked meals and these guys…



Can you believe how big they are?!

So I flew in late Friday night and Saturday I was pretty tired. I opted to make something for dinner that didn’t require much effort on my part! I’m super satisfied with how this recipe turned out!


Crockpot Chicken! This meal can totally be adjusted to what you have on hand!

This is what I used:
3-4 large frozen chicken breast
bag of frozen peppers and onions
1 can of black beans, rinsed and drained
1 bottle of marinade
cooked brown rice (optional)

Step one:




Throw the veggies, beans, chicken and about half the bottle of marinade in Crockpot, set to low if you’re not in a hurry. Allow to cook thoroughly, I stirred mine up a couple times.

Step two:


Shred chicken (chicken will pretty much fall apart anyways). I also added a little additional marinade (optional).

Step three:

Serve! Use slotted spoon to scoop veggies and beans.

I have what I believe will be a second recipe for the leftovers of this dish! I saved my chicken and beans and veggies (drained of broth) in to containers. Stay tuned!

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