Survival Mode


Pretty soon I’ll be on my way to yet another week long, out of town conference. I’ve been to enough of these to realize that travel and conferences are recipe for belly disaster. Why? Because someone decided long ago that it was a nice gesture to serve things like doughnuts, cookies, wraps and cheesecake to people who have spent hours on their butts!!!!
Well I’m hoping this time around to not fall victim to their ways! Hopefully, I will have you with me along the way to keep me in check! Ok and in full disclosure, this particular training was pretty expensive and they don’t feed you! But just in case the doughnuts and cookies surface, I’ll be prepared!


So how about a quick treat before I leave? Remember this Banana Ice Cream? I’ve had people tell me they enjoyed it so much. When I saw this recipe for Strawberry Ice Cream, I had to make sure I tried it out and then passed along the recipe!


So simple!

This makes a single serving (if I made more I would not stop eating it!!)

1. Freeze 1/2 banana and 5-6 strawberries.
2. 1/4 cup cottage cheese

Mix fruit and cottage cheese with a blender. You may have to use a wooden spoon and push bits back down to bottom of blender (a few times). Blend until everything is creamy, serve!


Or if you’re like me, decorate and then serve!


Recipe adapted from The Gracious Pantry.

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