A Weekend Edition!


Let me first say, I’m trying to type this post on Peeta today, so if something screwy happens, I blame him! Last Thursday, the family and I took off for a last minute mini vacation to Indianapolis. I know most of the time I spend blogging about cooking and DIY stuff by I’ve decided to also add in trips because they are about new experiences and really isn’t that what this blog is about? I have to start out by saying that I was really impressed with Indianapolis! Whether it would be a family vacation or a couple’s getaway, there are a lot of great places to go!

First off, we got lucky by scoring a hotel room at the Hyatt for $62.00 a night! Guess who else stayed there? The Cleveland Cavaliers! At first, I just noticed some extremely tall guys at the hotel. My first thought was basketball players. Quickly we realized who it had to be. Then the fans waiting outside and the charter bus made it abundantly clear!

The first night, we got to town a little late, so we justwalked a around a bit, hit the Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner and took the kids to the hotel pool. TheRock Bottom Brewery had some of the best chili ever, I was just a little disappointed with the portion size. I’m pretty sure I ordered a bowl and got charged for one! But if that was a bowl, I’m not sure what a cup would be.

Saturday was when all the fun started!

First stop, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum!


If you have never heard of a children’s museum, don’t think security guards and old stuff (although I guess there is both), think hands on learning and fun!

They have exhibits that change throughout the year, when we visited, there was a Lego, dinosaurs and Mr. Potato Head exhibit!






The people at the children’s museum should get an award. The kids had a ball but imagine the chaos of hundreds of kids all super excited running around your job everyday!

So after visiting the museum we took a break before heading out for a quick bite to eat and then we walked to the arena to catch the Pacers play the Cavs!




After the game we walked back towards our hotel and ended up stopping at a chocolate/ice cream shop. There were a couple of people playing live music at the outdoor seating area so we sat out there with our snacks and enjoyed the music.

Overall Indianapolis was a friendly city with lots to do! There was plenty more we wished we could have done so we plan to go back for sure!

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