Random Thoughts


So all day today I’ve come across little things I wanted to share with you. Hope you don’t mind the randomness of it, I just thought you might like these picture!

First lets start with breakfast! Yesterday, I may have told my husband we were out of eggs and we needed lots for Easter weekend. Today I may have found two dozen in our fridge. Oops. Guess I better start cracking!

I originally found this idea on Pinterest. Ah Pinterest *sigh*. Such an easy recipe! I loved that I could make this in my super fancy toaster oven and when I came back down they were waiting on me  to rush out the door with them. Surprisingly, I wasn’t all that hungry for breakfast so I ended up putting them in the fridge and eating them later in the day. They were just fine warmed up!

Here is a super simple breakfast:

1. Spray tin with cooking spray.

2. Arrange ham so that it will sorta pocket the egg. FYI, I used honey ham, when it cooked it was sweet and made my egg a little sweet. I’m not a big fan of that so the next time I’ll use smoked. Also my ham was thin and would tear easy in the center, I tried to make sure holes were covered so not too much egg white leaked through.

Sprinkle eggs with salt, pepper and Paprika. Bake at 375 for 20 minutes. My yoke was pretty solid, which was ok with me because I wanted them to be portable, if you want them not so done, adjust cooking time to your preference.

I repined recipe from: kim-gets-fit.tumblr.com.  Not sure where it is from before that!!

And now for my random thoughts…

I think my chicks are hitting their “teen” age? They are getting so big!!

Metromint may be one of my new favorite trends. I call this my “sipping water”. You don’t want to drink this when you are super thirsty. You want to drink this when you are relaxing, working, blogging. Just tiny sips are super refreshing and I’m convinced it can curb my appetite.  I think this because when you are sipping it, you really don’t want to eat anything that is going to interfere with the minty flavor. So far I have had Spearmint and Orangemint, both are good. I have Peppermint and Chocolatemint to try tomorrow. Yes, Chocolatemint, (I’m hoping it is like a peppermint patty!!).  I will let you know! FYI, they are on sale round here for 10-10 at Kroger. At Giant Eagle they were 2 for $4. Guess which place won my buisness on that purchase??

My dog is camera shy, shy might be an understatment, she runs when I turn it on and point it towards her. There will not be many pictures of her in the future…

My lilac bush is out of control, and I love it.

Have a great Wednesday!!

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    • Thanks! We are having a ball with the chicken! I feel so lucky to have the land we have! Nothing beats picking your own flowers, having a garden and we were surprised to find we had a ton of berry bushes when we moved in. Now we are going to have eggs! I think if we had to over the summer we could live off our land! Hope you have a great time in the outdoors!!

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