I’m Back!


Friends! I’ve missed you so much!! Sorry for my temporary hiatus. I had the worst day ever and it shut me down for a week.

Do you every wake up in the morning and within the first 10 minutes, you sort of know how your day is going to go? Well that happened to me last week. It started out with minor little things going wrong. Then I dropped and broke my hand mixer. My friend Zoya told me “Ginger, those things cost like $10.00.” But do you know, I break like EVERYTHING?!?! No really, everything. I think I’ve broken every glass I’ve owned. My parents tell me I really should just get plastic from now on. Of course they get a big eye roll from me. I love glass! It just doesn’t love me. So our relationship is normally short term. So of course it makes sense that I have started a collection of glass cake stands huh?? It isn’t just glass though, I seem to have the same problem with water, er or wine breaking electronic things…

Well breaking my mixer was quickly followed by breaking my laptop. Ok it may not have been entirely my fault. Somehow my computer got a virus. A really bad virus. Bummer dude!! It took all week to get that sorted out! The good news is, I got my computer fixed and got my husband to agree to purchasing an iPad 2! I plan on using it to blog on, once I can figure it out a bit better. So if you get weird posts from me, that is just Ginger trying to figure out the iPad! Let me know if you have any pointers or advice with that thing.

One thing I’m fortunate for, is that I didn’t lose all of my pictures! I had made some new recipes and I really wanted to share them with you! The recipe I’m sharing with you today is from Confections of a Foodie Bride and can be found here.

Mongolian Beef Take Out Fake Out!!

I’m telling you, the recipe is so simple to follow. I also have to say, this is one of the best dishes ever!! I even bought more steak so that I can make it again this week. This time around however, I will be adding some veggies!! I just served mine over a bit of brown rice the first time around. Again if you want the complete recipe for this, since I followed the recipe step by step, you can find it here.

It feels good to be back!!

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