Guess Who’s Here?!


So what do you think is missing from this picture? Clue, it is not cowboy boots, they just got cut off from the picture.

Give up?? How about these!!

The chicks are here!!

Aren’t they cute?! I know, everyone says they are mean and stinky when they grow up. We did pick from a group of rather docile breeds so hopefully they will be ok. The stinky part will be my husband’s job! He has been working on their pen so I’ll try to show up some updates on that later this week. The fun part is that we aren’t exactly sure which breeds we got. We just know they are all females.

None of them are Silkies. Do you know HOW HARD it is to purchase one or two chickens??? Um near impossible. I did however call up California and spoke with the people who sold Tori Spelling her chicken. They can send me two but it will cost me about $100.00. That seems to be the norm for having chickens shipped. AHH!!! But not to worry. I will have my Silkie. It is kind of nice having a few $1.99 chicks that I can test drive my farmer skills on. So far all 6 of them seems to be doing very well!!

Back to the picture of me. Don’t you love that red dress? It is super comfortable! unfortunately, it is not mine 😦 My friends and I were modeling clothes for a Fashion Show that benefits our local domestic violence shelter. We wore CAbi clothes. I’d love to purchase some of their clothes. They are high quality and made with a woman’s body in mind, but a bit steep in price. Ahhh dreams! Don’t you love the hippie braids in my hair? I think braids are going to be really popular this year. I have a bunch of new dos I’ve pinned on Pinterest I’ll be trying out in the near future.

Speaking of dos, I love this…

How pretty is that? This is my friend’s hair for one of the outfits she wore for the show. I think I’ll be getting a scarf or two for Spring for sure!

So remember last week when I shared my bounty from TJ Maxx? I wanted to share with you today a few pics of just how wonderful those Spaa meals are!

This box meal costs $2.99. The ingredients are all legible and delicious.

Doesn’t it look so yummy?? And it was so yummy!!!

I just added two servings of shrimp to my meal that I cooked quickly in coconut oil. I also added some peanuts and green onion. Just an FYI, this cannot be a vegetarian meal because I believe all of the sauces contain anchovies (if you’re smugging your nose at the sound of anchovies, don’t worry you can’t tell!). These dishes all have some heat to them. If you see a package, I would try them out!

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