Easter Party Goodies


So yesterday I showed you all the great crafts we made at the Easter craft party. Today I wanted to share with you the goodies!

Bird’s Nests! Are they cute or what!?! My husband asked me today if he was allowed to eat them or if they were decoration only. These are so easy to make, I didn’t mind sharing!

Mini Rustic Cherry and Peach Pies! I had to leave the leftover pies at the craft party because if they came home with me I would have eaten them all in five minutes!! I will however be making these the next time I have people over for dinner! The good news is that these are super easy to make too!

The hostess of the craft party also made some treats!

Cookie Dough Dip!!

Peanut Butter Blossoms!

She was a little disappointed in her Blossoms. The Hugs really melted down on them and she thought they looked like “boobies.” When I made my Biscoff Blossoms, I had some issues with melting Hugs too. I’m thinking next time we should freeze the Hugs ahead of time to see if that doesn’t help! Anyone else have another idea? The cookies tasted darn good regardless of the melty chocolate! The real treat however was the cookie dough dip. It was sick!!

Here is how to make the Bird’s Nest.

You will need:

Chow Mein Noodles

Bag of Butterscotch Chips

Candy eggs, I used Reese’s Eggs but you could use Jelly Beans,

That’s it! Just melt down your butterscotch in the microwave. Stir frequently and don’t over cook. In a separate bowl, I poured in half the bag of noodles and mixed in some of the butterscotch until noodles are coated. Load coated noodles into a muffin tin. I used my finger and created a little depression in the middle of each “nest”. Add two or three candies. If you want to make sure your candies secure, dip an edge of them in your butterscotch before putting them in their nest.

The silicon muffin trays are really the way to go. You can just push the nests right out! Continue process with noodles and butterscotch until you run out! Refrigerate to allow butterscotch to harden quickly. I think I could have ended up with 12 nests but some how I only had 11. Hmmmmmm.

Now for those pies.

First off. I used these two lovelies!

This is almost as simple as the Bird’s Nests.

What you will need is:

pie crust


one egg

I used a Ramekin to cut out circles in my pie crust. Note, do not try to roll your crust with a pin to make the crust thinner. I did that and I think that it made it difficult for the crust to keep its shape. One of mine flattened out and I was force to eat it! Center a spoonful of preserves. Press edges up and over so they keep the preserves in the center. I beat an egg in a bowl and added a bit of water and brushed the edges of the folded up crust so that they would brown. I would cook crust on temperate on box of pie crust. Mine said 425. They took about 5-8 minutes to cook. Keep an eye on them!


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  1. I’ve never wanted to eat a birds nest more in my entire life. They look great, I think I’m going to make them with my nieces. Seems like a simple, fun, delicious idea!

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