A Crafty Easter Weekend


Hey there! How was your weekend! Mine was super busy but I managed to have some fun! Going into the weekend, I was worried that I wouldn’t have much to share with you this week. My work week is super hectic so I didn’t know if I would have much worth talking about.

Well I was wrong!!

Some people are in book clubs, some in sewing clubs and others in cooking clubs. I would actually enjoy all of these clubs (although I have no idea how to sew…yet). However this weekend might have been the kickoff to our craft club! A friend of mine invited a bunch of us to get together to make Easter decorations. She had sent out ideas of what we should have to make the craft but after it was all said and done we had some unique pieces.

Are these awesome or what? These are some of the larger pieces we made. Wouldn’t they be great for a center piece or as a gift for a family member or friend?

I shot this picture right before we started putting everything together. Notice how in the large round vase there is a smaller glass jar? That is how I was able to put fresh flowers in the center of that particular decoration. As a money saving tip, use the cardboard from toilet paper rolls in the center of your vase or something similar to fill the inside of your larger vases, that way you won’t have to pay a small fortune for candy!

There was a lesson to be learned however! Never try to stuff a Peep into a narrow mouthed vase. Save that trick for love notes and pirate ships!

Drats! Oh well. After the bunny was successfully extracted, she was able to come up a fun and festive save!

This is a majority of the decorations we made. One of my friends had to leave early. She made to mason jars decorations that were lidded. Apparently she has a dog that will eat anything she can get her paws on. Wouldn’t lidded mason jars be a great idea for an Easter Egg Hunt?? I sure think so!

As we decorated we had great conversation. One of the girls at the party was anti Pinterest. Come again?? She was a sweet lady overall but she just didn’t get  why all these people would want to pin the same idea. I just said I love when people pin my stuff. Sorta like a high-five for what I’ve put together. What do you think?

I hope these decorations get your creative juices moving!

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  1. Cool decorations! They are all so cute and colorful! I think pintrest takes some tinkering with to get really get involved. You can really find some great recipes and DIY ideas. At first though I thought it was just pictures of ideas and thought it was totally lame but then I realized there were internet links to the original site. I think it is genius now.

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