Hit Me Biscoff One More Time!


Ok, so this may be the cutest card IN THE WORLD! Which leaves me to ask myself one question. Why didn’t I think of this??? And then another. How can I use this in the future??? I chased my kids around the house with this thing all night. This would be a great DIY.

Speaking of pirates, I wanted to share with you the dessert from Day Two of Operation Pirate Party!

Guess what! I found another person who bakes with Biscoff!! Yeah! See I told you it was great. Now you’re going to go try it huh? Because someone else says it is good. Don’t worry, my husband does it to me all the time! Bridget at Bake at 350 is the lovely lady behind these brownies. I’m not sure she knows that I stalk follow her blog…yet. To get the recipe, and her history with biscoff, please click here. I’m totally jealous that Biscoff sent her Biscoff Spread. Seriously how many times do I have to bring it up before I got a couple free jars?? By the way, if that ever did happen, I’d be sure to share the wealth! On a side note, I may also be jealous of Bridget’s mad baking skills!

Oh well, for now I’ll just be happy that this little pirate thought he had they best birthday ever!

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