Two Ways to Make You Smile


First off, this is a friendly warning that the Pirates are coming! My son is having his 5th birthday party and it is all about pirates. I plan to have several new recipes for you next week. Some my own but some ideas that I’ve found surfing Pinterest.

Argh Matey!

In case you are interested, I also learned that September 19th may or may not be ‘talk like a pirate day’ and that, with a very brief google search, you can even find the top 10 pirate pick up lines. You’ll have to let me know if any of those work on you:) .

Today I also wanted to share two of my two newest go-to meals/snacks/items. I’m not sure what to call one of them just yet. Can you have ice cream for breakfast? No? Are you sure? What if the only ingredient is a banana?

Creamy and Delicious!

For whatever reason this tickles me! Wouldn’t it be the best breakfast to serve your kids on say…April Fool’s Day? Or their Birthday?? It’s a banana!! Oh and of course I melted Biscoff and drizzled poured it on top. Honestly though it was only about a tablespoon…at most. So delightful! I had been freezing bananas whenever my kids wouldn’t eat them before they went bad. I made banana bread one time but after I was the only one eating it I decided to figure out another use for them. This is super easy to make. Just throw a frozen, peeled banana in your blender and turn it on. Simple Right?!? I was skeptical about this when I saw it on other blogs. I was even skeptical when I started making my own. However, in the blink of an eye, the semi-gross looking banana creams up well. I did end up adding about another 1/2 of a banana because my blender didn’t seem like it could work with just one. The picture above however is really only about one banana worth. If you are a crazy body builder type, there is a recipe of add-ins you might like here. If you need more than just my word that this will work for you, Iowa Girl Eats blogged about it here. Still want more convincing? How about a few more pics?

Eat Me!!!

Let me know if you let your kids have a banana for breakfast 🙂

The second recipe is a go-to breakfast idea for sure.

Banana Almond Biscoff Oats!

Super easy and the best way to clean out an almost empty jar of peanut butter, Nutella or Biscoff!

Just cook your oats according to container. I exchanged the water for Vanilla Almond Milk because it makes it super creamy. After the oats were thickened, I carefully poured them into the almost empty jar of Biscoff and moved them around for a minute. I then chopped up a banana, put it in a bowl, pour my oat mixture on top, and finished my masterpiece off with the rest of a banana and almond slivers.

Good Morning to you too!!

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