A Kitchen in Progress


Today I thought I’d share my slow updating progress that has been going on in my kitchen! I’m pretty sure certain we are doing some things out-of-order, but I really don’t care. To give you a little background, we moved in during what I would consider a blizzard about two years ago. The house had sat vacant for about two years before our move in. We were going to do things very slowly, focusing on specific rooms at a time, but I about lost my mind with the state of things so we did what we could and have made more improvements whenever we can.

Here is the kitchen when we moved in.


So let me tell you first. Do not be fooled by the cabinets. They were not pretty in real life. They were beat up, filthy and just made the room feel super heavy. The floor was the peel and stick stuff, and in two different areas it was cracked and had big ol’ gaping holes in it. Do you see the door? I just want you to know that is a not-so-awesome reddish wine color. It was on EVERYTHING when we moved in. Every door. Every window, all trim, EVERYTHING. I think it took about 3-4 coats to get them a bright white.

The floor plan is very open where the kitchen is so we also had to paint the entire ground floor when we painted over the not-so-pretty yellow walls. The new color is a little off in the picture, it is a light sandy brown color called Beach House by Sherwin Williams.

My husband and a friend put in new heavy-duty wood floors. The three of us also sanded and painted the cabinets and put new hardware on all the drawers.

Little Happier!

Nice Floor.

So after I started the post, I realized the pictures I took were before I put the rest of my hardware on. Whoops! No worries! I will be posting new pictures as we make progress.  By the way. The cabinet color is also a bit camera-shy. It is actually more of a green than it is a blue. It is called Rosemary by Sherwin Williams. I was actually going mad when we were trying to decide on color. Everyone was giving me the stink eye (including my husband) when I said I was going to paint them an actual color and not black, brown or white. It really stressed me out. I sampled a blue, two greens and black on the island before going with my first choice. Rosemary. Love it with no regrets!!

Also please ignore the few specks on the floor and stuff on my counter top. Do you realize the mess that is involved when you have to empty all of your cabinets? This project created a HUGE mess. So my specks were ignored that day considering the mess I had just cleaned up. Aside from my specks, how am I doing so far??

So updates that have occurred so far:

wood floors

wall color

cabinets color, hardware and bead board on bar area

new area rug that matches PERFECTLY!!

Future Plans:

new appliances (Best Buy, PLEASE HAVE A SALE!!!)

new  countertops

new lights


island (hopefully a DIY project)

Urban Grace Interiors has greatly influenced my color choice.  See her awesome kitchen makeover here.

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