Crock-Pot Turkey Philly


Have you ever been out to eat and thought you had ordered the best thing on the menu, only to realize that you wanted what “that guy over there” was having? I kinda had one of those days…kinda.

I had stopped by a local deli to pick up one of my favorite salads that I had preordered on my way to work. I always check out their “Weekly Special” menu while I’m there. Normally it isn’t something I would want instead of my beloved salad.  Afterall, they have the best poppy-seed sweet and sour dressing…ever. However, I was instantly disappointed with my pick when I saw the special. Turkey Philly Sandwich. I can’t recall all the details of their sandwich but I know I was enticed when it mentioned not only peppers and onions but mushrooms too! For a brief moment I considered asking if I could change my “call ahead” order. But I try not to be rude. Instead I decided, I’d make it myself.


One of the best things about this recipe, is that it can be made ahead of time so that dinner comes together in minutes!

I also love that the meat takes no prep work. Simple remove the bag from a frozen turkey breast. Take out the gravy pouch if there is one (warm water will help separate it) and throw the netted turkey breast into a cold slow cooker. No defrost! No added ingredients! Depending on how long you want to wait on your turkey will determine if you turn it on the low or high setting. I forgot to start mine earlier in the day so I cooked mine on high for about 4 hours roughly.

Just speaking from experience, if you get a breast with fat on it, it will give the turkey an appearance of being undercooked even through your turkey is done. Gross, I know.  Just cut away when you are slicing everything up.

I chopped up some pepper, onions and mushrooms and threw them in a low-medium skillet I sprayed with my Misto. I also added a small bit of butter just to give it some flavor and caramelized the onions. Also I’ll give you a little tip about how to “economically” cut a bell pepper. When you cut the pepper cut right down through the stem. Reach your fingers under where the stem has been cut in two and you should be able to pull away pretty much only stem, saving all of your pepper. If you already knew that, carry on!

Reach in...

...Ta Da!!

Now sautee those veggies!!

I served mine on some high quality grain bread and topped with provolone, my favorite sweet and spicy mustard and some mayo. Dig in!

Chow Down!

On another note, guess who I found….

Grandma Hoerners

On  QVC?!? WHAT!!! I have never ordered something off the tv. February 8th that run just might get broken! And if you can’t understand why, look at these babies as a refresher.

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