Love Notes and a do-over


Love Ur Guts

Banners are everywhere these days when it comes to decorations. I kinda heart them. I really heart them when they can be made almost cost free. Why buy something when they are so easy to make? And have you ever gotten together with a friend to make something? That is when it really becomes a good time. It becomes a great time when your little boy is calling her not so little man “Papa Smurf” while he is trying to have a somewhat serious phone conversation. 🙂 . Sorry Guy!

I love party planning, my friend loves hoarding stock piling craft materials (I’ve nick named her JoAnne 🙂 ) So between the two of us and our supplies this project came together easy.

A Little Game Plan

My banner was inspired by Mandi at Vintage Revival. For those of you that are interested, Mandi is currently asking for people to post on her blog about who they have a blog crush on. I would have posted on there myself that she was my blog crush but someone else already had and I didn’t want to seem creepy redundant. If you talk to Mandi, ask her to help me out. I showed my husband the banner I made and he didn’t understand why you would love someone’s guts. I tried to explain it but his eyes glazed over and I knew it was pointless to go further. Sigh.

Enough with my rambling. We first made a templet on how big we wanted each piece to be for the banner and then we cut them all out. After that we painted on our letters with some fabric paint.

AH!! I NEED A manicure!!!

After my letters dried (sorta) I added a little glue to my hearts for the glitter.


My friend’s heart appeared a little sad and deflated. So she double layered it with a bold patter.


Here is my friend’s finished product.

Love U Most

The phrase on her’s really resembles her personality.

Do you like banners? Have you made any for any parties or holidays? I’m thinking for the 4th or something I’d like to do a cake size one. They are too cute!

Did you notice the white side table/dresser jobby mine was hanging from? Did you scroll back up to look?? 🙂 That was another re-do! I purchased that off of craigslist  for about 30-40 bucks. I forget exactly how much I paid for it but I will NEVER forget the pulled muscles I had the next morning. That jobby was in these people’s basement. The wife was pregnant so she couldn’t help move it so it was up to me and her husband. I pulled muscles I didn’t know I had. I’m talking ankle muscles even! At this time I would like to thank that family for not killing me as I was in a stranger’s basement. I know, not super wise but if it makes you feel better I did can a law enforcement pal and gave him the address and told him if I didn’t call in 15 minutes to come looking for me.

So here is a picture of the before for my little jobby.

I'm having a real bad hair day!

Honestly she is one of those pieces that actually take better pictures than they really look in real life. Don’t be fooled, she was ugly.

And here is another picture of the after sans banner in the way.

I'm lovely!

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