Secret Lovers?


I want to ask you, can you fall in love? With a grocery store? Apparently, I can, but more about that later!

So how was your weekend? Mine was grrrrrreat! I would like to share the whole weekend with you, but sadly I think we would both be here all day! It was extraordinarily busy with lots of fun exciting events so I’ll try to hit the highlights.

Saturday, I work up to my four-year old making me bacon and eggs.

Order Up!

But have no fear, they were cooked Play-Doh style! The morning was nice and relaxing. Perfect way to start the day because that afternoon the huz and I were headed out of town that evening to celebrate some of our friends’ birthdays. You’ll have to forgive me for some of my not so stellar pictures that were taken with my not so stellar phone!

As far as dinner goes, I planned to take pictures but I got so busy chatting away and eating that I completely forgot! It was pretty good and we were all fairly stuffed but the real excitement was after dinner.  Our next stop was to see a comedy show!

Paul Mecurio!

For those of you that are not familiar with the name Paul Mercurio, amongst all of his other talents, Paul is a writer for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I looked myself at Paul’s bio and apparently he has a few potetial tv shows coming out, one that is based on his real life. Warning: If you plan on attending one of his comedy shows, be prepared to shoot your drink out of your nose. Or if peeing when laughing is your thing, that could happen too! Double Warning: Do not wear “moon boots” because he will terrorize you the entire evening. I’m glad I’m not the girl I’m referring to in that comment.

After the show, the night was still young so we headed out to a bar/grill to socialize and dance. I did a Deena and danced my hair off.

Shake That!

If any of you watch Jersey Shore, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you don’t watch Jersey Shore, please note that this is not me saying I did anything inappropriate. Just danced!!

After the show, we hung out at a bar/grill that had this game in it.

“Lobster Zone”

Sorry random dude for taking a picture of the back of your head! So apparently for $2.00 you could try to catch your own lobster that the grill would then cook up for you. Do you want to give me a high-five or a thumbs down when I tell you I cheered every time people didn’t catch their lobster??

So about this grocery store love. The next morning we stopped here before heading back home.

Trader Joe's!!!

Mr. Joe, I heart you! If we can’t be lovers can we at least be neighbors??!! Pretty please? Although I didn’t need anything we had to drop by. The people working there were so friendly, the snacks looked so yummy and I couldn’t leave without at least a small purchase.

Garlic and Herb Dough

With a few things out of the fridge,

dinner was perfect-o!!

Pizza Please!

Every year I attend a local Taste of Home cooking show. This might be a well duh comment but it was one I never put much thought into. The chef said that when making pizza, you should always cook fresh ingredients (think veggies)  at least to some extent before putting on toppings and baking your pizza.

I’ve also been working on a few Valentine’s Day projects. I look forward to sharing them with you soon!!

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