Baby It’s Cold Out!


Today I woke up to a definite change in temperature. Chilly!! So you can only imagine my disappointment when I realized we were out of coffee creamer 😦

But the short-term loss was a long-term gain! Look what I found at the grocery store!

York Peppermint Patty Creamer!!

International Delights, it is like you have a window into my heart. That or you’ve been checking out my candy drawer. I heart peppermint patties and to have them in the morning is something to look forward to when I’m crawling out of bed! I’m not sure if this is “new” or just new to me. I was at a store that I typically don’t shop at when I discovered this little golden nugget.

Dinner last night was no big deal but something I wanted to share. Have you ever seen this?

Spaa Foods

Although it is a boxed meal, it is a boxed meal with fairly few ingredients, which is a plus.

This is made for adding mix-ins such as meats, veggies or tofu. I added half a bag of frozen veggies and chicken, and there was plenty of sauce for everything. I’m sharing a big old picture of it as if it is a wanted sign. I found this at TJ Maxx of all places. I’ve never seen it at my grocery store. If you come across it, let me know. If you do find it and want to try it out for yourself, be forewarned, it says it is “mild” however I found myself sucking in air and guzzling several glasses of water when I ate it. With that said, it is still pretty good.

Now that the weather is changing, there are a few other things I wanted to share with you. I took pictures of my chicken coop in process today. I’m not sure exactly when we will be getting chickens but I believe we will get them in the next few months. Chickens are a brand new thing for me so I felt they fit into my blog about trying new things. Here is the start to the run.

And here is what we are going to convert into a coop.

Chicken Coop??

But that is a play house right? Well that was what it was intended for, but we had it all last year and my kids used it mmmaaaayyybbee five times. That might be a liberal number. I actually think they will be more interested in it when there are chickens living inside. Oh, and when I say I want chickens I’m not talking about these….

Average Chicken

I’m talking about these!

Hello Luvly

Don’t hate! You know as bizarre as they are, deep down you want to smile. People ask me why I would want chickens. My first answer is that you should crack open a grocery store egg next to one that is farm fresh. You should have a pretty good answer right there. The second is that one of my favorite ladies made them so cool.

Ah Tori!

My friend says she “scares her” but I seriously heart her! I hope to get a couple of these Silkies but I probably will have some average chickens too. I’ll be sure to update you when we get chicks. I wanted to get you these pictures now because once the snow really starts coming down, I avoid the outdoors unless it is for sled riding.

I also wanted to give you an idea on how to help with the winter blues. I can’t take full credit for this project. I had some inspiration. First it was when I opened my January 2012 Better Homes and Garden and saw this…

BHG Terrarium

Followed by this little cutie, I pinned her to my Pinterest. You can get the step by step from Erin Ever After by clicking here.

Erin Ever After

My Terrariums

Stay warm!

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    • They are really easy to make I swear. Moss comes in a sealed bag at Hobby Lobby and it manages to stay green! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be checking in on your latest house projects soon!

  1. Ok, I guarantee that picture of Tori was taken a millisecond before the chicken pooped on her lovely black dress. But chickens are awesome to have. Once you have them, you’ll never go back. 🙂 Even if they are just….average. 🙂

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